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Top 3 Fastest Electric Scooters!

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  • ABS Brakes
  • Tubeless Tires
  • LED System

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  • Back Disc Brake & Front E-ABS
  • Dual Headlight
  • Long Range Battery

Think about riding an electric scooter! How does it feel? Do you think anything in particular? A sense of liberty? Openness? Wouldn’t it be the best quick look at nature? 

Well, of course, it’s a worth imagining scenario. Who wouldn’t like to ride around an electric scooter while enjoying the beauty of nature in the meantime? 

Oh, and what if it’s the fastest electric scooter? It would simply double the fun. Don’t you agree? I personally believe life with the fastest electric scooters would be anything but dull and boring. 

If you’re an adrenaline junkie like I am, I’m certain you’re already in search of an electric scooter at high speed. So, I’m here to help you find the best product. Ready, set, go! 

Six of the Most Incredible and Fastest Electric Scooters of All-Time 

fastest electric scooters

It just occurred to me that you cannot be a passionate rider if you’re into the fastest electric scooters. Yes, you can ride at a moderate speed if you’re a beginner, but once you learn the art of riding, it won’t be enjoyable for you anymore if your electric scooter is not fast enough. 

Therefore, it’s necessary to invest in a fast electric scooter if you want to enjoy it for a long time. Whether you use it as a means of communication or just for the sake of fun in your leisure time, your hoverboard needs to be topnotch. 

Following is a list of some of the best electric scooters that are going to be your most faithful companion in every riding experience.

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Segway is a name that needs no introduction. They have the best e-scooters in terms of their quality and construction style. It’s one thing that distinguishes them from other labels. 

This product from Segway is not very different from the rest. It’s a powerful electric scooter that brings along an excellent top speed of 18.6 mph, a mile range of 40.4 miles, pneumatic tires, fast charging, 551Wh battery, front and rear LED lights, and whatnot? 

Also, it’s water-resistant and comes with a dual braking system. You can apply brakes using both front and back wheels. Now be honest and tell me if there’s anything better than that? I’m sure there isn’t. 

I reckon that it’s a little expensive, but the features it brings along justify its price tag. I’ve had this electric scooter for quite a while now, and I must tell you that it’s a great option when it comes to speed and battery life.

Speed: 18.6 mph 

Ride Range: 40 miles

Charging Time: 6 h

Engine: 350w

Wheel Size: 10 inch

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Reviewing it from my personal experience, this product provides you with smooth rides and helps you enjoy nature to the fullest. It has become my hobby to ride it around the neighborhood every day, and I love every second of it. 

It supports mobile app functionality so that you can check out the riding stats at the end of the day. It would also help you lock and unlock the scooter, so there’s nothing that you need to do manually. 

On top of that, it has an easy folding system, which makes it portable and convenient to carry around. Are you leaving for a vacation? Don’t forget to take your electric scooter with you.


  • Great top speed and battery life 
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Mobile app functionality 


  • Available in only two colors
  • Comes with an expensive price tag

RND Electric Scooter

Here’s the beast of the day! This electric scooter is not exceptionally fast, so it’s definitely not for everyone. It’s a lightweight electric scooter that offers a top speed of 15 mph. 

Both front and rear tires of this electric scooter are shock-absorbing, slip-resistant, and non-pneumatic tires. It has a mile range of 8 miles along with a dual braking system for a safer and smoother riding journey. 

It also has in-built LED lights, so in case it’s dark outside, your electric scooter would light the way for you. It has a charging fixed inside, so all you need to do is attach the cord for fast charging. 

It’s definitely one of the most powerful electric scooters out there and a must-have for all the adventure enthusiasts. It is foldable; subsequently, it can be carried along on road trips wherever you go.

Speed: 15 mph 

Ride Range: 8 miles

Charging Time: 4h

Engine: 250w

Wheel Size: 6.5 inch

Net Weight: 21 lbs


  • One button folding
  • Slip-resistant tires and long battery life
  • LED lighting system 


  • Not a suitable option for beginners 
  • Low weight-bearing capacity

Hurtle Folding Electric Scooter

Ranking third is another fast electric scooter by Hurtle, which is a well-known brand in the world of electric scooters. Its products are famous for their high speed, power, and great quality. 

Although it says it has a top speed of 19.2 mph, a lot of my friends are using it, and they ride it at 20-25 mph. 25 mph? That’s right! It isn’t difficult to drag the speed a little if you’re good at riding electric scooters. 

It offers incredible disc brakes, so riding it at high speed wouldn't be an issue for you. Your electric scooter would remain stable, and you can always mark a break whenever need be. 

It comes with 8.5-inch solid rubber wheels that have shock absorption are abrasion-resistant qualities. It can conveniently handle steep surfaces with its 15 degrees of climbing angle. 

Speed: 19.2 mph 

Ride Range: 18 miles

Charging Time: 6 h

Engine: 300 w

Wheel Size: 8.5 inch

Max Weight: 264 lbs

The weight-bearing capacity of this electric scooter is again terrific. It can bear up to 264 lbs, which is impressive for a traditional electric scooter. 

Also, it supports mobile app functionality, which is something that makes using this electric scooter a lot easier. Everything you need to do is merely a click away with this electric scooter. If that’s not comfortable, I don’t know what is. 

It is foldable and can be carried anywhere you go. Let’s just say its portable nature is another plus point. So it won’t be wrong if I call it a worth-purchasing item.


  • Top speed can be dragged to 25 mph 
  • Battery life is great 
  • Excellent off-road power and robust tires
  • Suitable for adults and kids 


  • Not the best product for beginners 
  • Mile range should be 60 miles for a fast electric scooter like that

Dualtron Thunder High-Speed E Scooter

Dualtron Thunder is one of the fastest electric scooters you can ever get your hands on. If you’re passionate about riding, I’d say it’s a must-try scooter for you. 

It comes with an incredible top speed of 40+ mph, which means it’s up to you how fast you can ride. You can even ride it for up to 50 mph with a range of 80 miles. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Professional riders generally prefer an electric scooter with a mile range of 60 miles; the Dualtron Thunder offers a lot more than that. It has hydraulic brakes, which makes it entirely safe even with such a high speed. 

The only downside of Dualtron Thunder is that it’s a little heavy as compared to other traditional electric scooters. It weighs around 95 lbs. It also brings along a 3-step variable suspension system, which is rare for an electric scooter of its kind. 

Speed: 40 mph 

Ride Range: 80 miles

Climbing Grade: 30°

Engine: Dual 5400w

Wheel Size: 11 inch

Net Weight: 95 lbs

Now let’s check out its power capacity, which is 5400W. Just name a feature, and Dualtron Thunder has them all. It also has an LED lighting system with both front and rear lamps, so it’s going to brighten up your way even when riding in the dark. 

If you ask me, I’d say it’s one great product and definitely deserves a shot. It’s covered under a one-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry in case there’s an issue with the scooter. 


  • Mile range of 80 miles 
  • Top speed can be dragged up to 50 mph 
  • Anti-lock brake systems and LED lights 
  • One-year premium warranty


  • Weighs a little more than average
  • Not suitable for kids

Hiboy MAX3 Electric Scooter

Let me introduce to you my old pal, I’ve used this electric scooter for around two years, and it’s indeed a powerful electric scooter with a top speed of 19 mph. 

It has an excellent battery time, and you can easily ride it for 17-18 miles on a single charge. Even though its max speed is 19 mph, it can be dragged to 20 like others I’ve mentioned above. 

It comes with a double braking system. From the disc brakes to the twist-grip brake, this electric scooter is entirely safe. It’s genuinely one of the fastest electric scooters and guess what? It has the ability to provide you with the smoothest rides. 

It’s a lightweight electric scooter that brings along front and rear LED lights. It also has a cruise control feature that can be activated and switched off with a simple click. 

Speed: 19 mph 

Ride Range: 17 miles

Max Slope: 15°

Engine: 350w

Wheel Size: 10 inch

Max Weight: 220 lbs

It has remarkable off-road abilities. You can ride it on any terrain smoothly, no matter how rough it is. Oh, and it offers mobile app functionality. All you need to do is connect the electric scooter with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and operate it effortlessly. 

Additionally, it comes with a folding design. It’s a portable electric scooter, so you can carry it along wherever you go. When talking about portability, it’s one of the best electric scooters, to be honest.

For example, I went on a camping trip recently with my family, and guess what? I took my electric scooter with me. Riding it on those steep hills was amazing for a change, and I enjoyed every minute of it. 


  • Phenomenal battery time 
  • Mobile app functionality 
  • Double braking system and an LED lighting system 


  • Max speed and power can be improved 
  • Available in only black color

Askmy Long-Range Electric Scooter

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear this, a long-range electric scooter? A top speed of 30 mph, a mile range of 80 miles, or a 20-degree climbing angle? Well, it’s isn’t true; still it’s one of the best options out there.

It may not be the fastest electric scooter, but it’s fast and comes with great power, reliable battery, and appropriate speed. It has a top speed of 16.5 mph, and it works well for beginners and moderate-level riders. 

It is incorporated with three-speed modes, one each for a beginner, moderate, and professional rider. It also has a dual braking system, making it safe for the newbies that are still learning. 

The 36V lithium battery of this electric scooter is tested with various security tests. It has front and back LED lights, so you can easily ride around in the dark without having to worry about anything. 

Speed: 15.5 mph 

Ride Range: 18.6 m

Charging Time: 4-5 h

Engine: 250 w

Wheel Size: 8.5 inch

Max Weight: 264 lbs

It has 15-degree climbing, which makes it a good choice for those that like riding on steep surfaces. It’s convenient to fold down, which makes it portable and easy to carry. 

The battery charging time of this electric scooter is 4-5 hours. You may think of it as a lot, but trust me, it’s standard for a fast electric scooter. It brings along a weight-bearing capacity of 264 lbs, which is incredible for a traditional electric scooter. 

The robust aluminum frame of this e scooter and terrific features that it comes with makes it a great option altogether. You can use it for leisure as well as a means of transportation for everyday life chores, such as going to the nearby market and more.


  • Great power and battery life 
  • Fantastic weight-bearing capacity 
  • LED lights and different speed modes 


  • Speed can be improved 
  • A little pricey

What is the Fastest Electric Scooter for Adults? 

fastest electric scooter for adults

For one, a fast e scooter is definitely not meant for kids. As far as adult riders are concerned, I’d say you’re not passionate enough if you’re still stuck to that old electric scooter with low speed and power. 

There are a number of electric scooters that offer high top speeds, but not all of them are worth buying. On the other hand, the ones I’ve mentioned above are perfect in quality, making, features, speed level, and battery life. 

Still, if you want me to choose one, I’d say you must check out the Segway Ninebot Max. It’s not only the fastest e scooter, but it’s also great in power and battery life. 

I mean, there are a lot of other things that you need to consider other than the speed when buying an electric scooter. The XJJY e scooter brings along every feature that you can dream of. Let’s just say it's a complete package. 

Besides that, have a look at the options I’ve shared above, and you’ll observe that they’re all portable. They’re not just great for leisure purposes, but can be your best travel companion too. 

Four Things to Consider When Buying a Fast Electric Scooter 

How to buy a fast e scooter? What are you going to do? Visit a store, choose a scooter, pop out the credit card, and buy the product? That’s all? 

Well, it’s not all. There’s more to it that you need to know. When buying a fast electric scooter, there are a few things that you need to consider. Let me highlight them for you here so that you can purchase it accordingly.

Speed Limit 

Since we’re talking about fast e scooters, there’s no way we can neglect its speed limit. Take a note of the top speed of your electric scooter, and don’t forget to check out your local state laws when buying an e scooter. 

A lot of states in the US prohibit riding an electric scooter over 7.5 mph. Similarly, a few states have laws against riding an e scooter on the sidewalks. Henceforth, your local laws must be considered alongside the speed limit of an e scooter.

Motor Power 

All these fast electric scooters bring along hub motors that are fixed inside the wheels of the scooter and function on the BLDC (Brushless Direct Current). Most of the e scooters come with a single electric motor; however, some high-end models have dual motors for enhanced power. 

If you want to check what kind of motor your scooter has, simply take a note of its power consumption. The more powerful the motor would be, the high power it would consume. It’s as simple as that. 

For a standard electric scooter, a 250-350W motor is more than enough. In case you need a scooter for riding on rougher terrains, look for an option with a 500W or higher power motor.


Another important aspect that you need to take care of when buying an e scooter is its brakes. It’s mandatory to have a quality braking system if you want to ride fast as well as safely. 

There are two kinds of brakes found in an electric scooter, electronic and mechanical brakes. Electric brakes operate on the power of the motor, while mechanical brakes operate on the physical mechanism of the scooter. 

Closely monitor the kinds of brakes your e scooter has before making a purchase. When riding at a fast speed, remember that your brakes matter the most.

Weight-Bearing Capacity

Need I remind you that your weight can also affect the speed of your e scooter. Different electric scooters have different weight thresholds. Make sure to check out the weight-bearing capacity of your e scooter before you make your mind to give it a shot. 

Other than that, one thing that you must not ignore is the weight of the e scooter itself. If your scooter is heavy, it would be tricky to enjoy a fast ride. The reason being, heavier eclectic scooters are not as stable as a lightweight model. 

It is precisely why I don’t recommend buying a heavy electric scooter. If you want to enjoy your ride to the fullest, please ensure to stick to the lightweight options.

Rest assured, the scooter models I’ve recommended are the best ever. If you’re looking for the fastest electric scooter, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the options I’ve shared. Think about it and make an informed decision. Best of luck, my pals!


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