5 Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Transit

Technology is transforming almost all the industries in the world by making them more efficient, effective, and cost saving. The positive impacts of innovation are there for everyone to see. Although other industries have experienced significant changes, it is the emerging technologies in the transit industry that will transform it to another level. The list below highlights five emerging innovations that will transform the transit industry.

1. Improved Energy Storage Facilities

Technology has led to the production of advanced energy storage batteries that can store electric energy for a more significant amount of time. These batteries are generally being used to propel electric vehicles. Powering vehicles with electricity will transform the transit industry to a more efficient energy sector that does not contribute to environmental and air pollution. The batteries are made such that they can be recharged after their energy levels are diminished.

2. Space Transport

One cannot mention innovation in the transit sector without mentioning SpaceX technology. This technology is geared towards transporting people into space for tourist purposes. The innovation will change space exploration that has proven expensive and complicated for other people except for government and space exploration agencies. People will easily tour space and come back to Earth’s atmosphere within a short period and at a lower cost.

3. High-Speed Trains

The invention of bullet trains changed the rail transport to a greater extent than what many people had expected. However, the new proposed technology of high-speed trains that will be moving at an average speed of 220 mph will transform the transit industry to a more considerable extent. For example, it is expected that the new high-speed train will move between Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities in California, within about three hours, meaning cutting the travel time in half.

4. 3D Printed Cars

This is an innovation that is looking forward to the production of printed cars. The innovation is focused on reducing the time it takes to make a car by introducing car printing technology that will take less than 44 hours for a completed vehicle. The benefit that printed cars will bring is that they will be cheaper, and the auto industry will give individuals an opportunity to personalize the body and make of their vehicle.

5. Modern GPS Devices

Although GPS devices have been common for about a decade, it is the new generation of GPS devices that will have an impact on the transit industry. The previous GPS could only calculate mileage, and the time it would take to reach your destination. However, the new GPS hardware allows the device not only to record distance and time, but also include other fine details such as adjusting time due to changes in weather, road congestion, or even changing to the preferred route of the driver or passenger.

Transit industry will significantly be impacted and transformed by the coming innovations, and we are likely to experience a transit that is more secure and safe within the next decade.


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