What’s the point of living a dull and boring life? Needless to say, change is the essence of life, and I’d say change is impossible without growing and moving towards a technologically advanced lifestyle.

No wonder, the swiftly upgrading technology has taken the world by storm. It’s transforming pretty much all the industries across the globe by making them more efficient, effective, and cost-saving.

The positive impacts of these technological advancements are there for everyone to see. From traveling around to communicating with people on the other end of the world, a lot has changed in all these years.

emerging technologies

Although other industries have experienced significant changes, the emerging technologies in the transit industry are transforming the entire world while taking it to another level.

After reading a lot about the transit world, how it’s evolving, and what’s making it change, I’ve finally found a few answers. Here I have a list of five of the best innovations that are truly going to transform the transit industry into something bigger and wonderful.

Improved Energy Storage Facilities

Have you ever observed how energy storage facilities have improved by day? Ever wonder how your electric car functions? How do your remote control systems at home function?

Of course, there is something providing them with the energy they require, but what is it? They’re batteries that are being manufactured in different qualities and with distinctive features.

The growing technology has led to the production of advanced energy storage batteries that can store electric energy for a more significant amount of time. One of the most prominent uses of these batteries is that they propel electric vehicles.

It goes without saying that powering vehicles with electricity transform the transit industry to a more efficient energy sector that doesn’t contribute to environmental and air pollution in any way. Isn’t that wonderful?

The batteries are made such that they can be recharged after their energy levels are diminished. Henceforth, it won’t be wrong to say that they’re easily manageable and cost-effective.

The Innovative Space Transport

How can you even talk about innovations in the transit sector without mentioning SpaceX technology? Is that even possible?

The SpaceX technology is geared towards transporting people into space for tourist purposes, something no one ever thought would happen. It’s one invention that will change space exploration forever. As you know, space exploration has previously proven expensive and complicated for most people except for government and space exploration agencies.

With such amazing inventions in the transit industry, people can easily visit space and come back to Earth’s atmosphere within a short period and not to mention, at a lower cost.

Enhanced Train Facilities

How do you usually move from one place to another? Yes, it’s good to take your own car, but don’t you think it gets a little expensive to drive your car around every day and pay the parking charges additionally?

A lot of people across the globe use trains to travel in their day to day life. It’s simple, traveling via train is cheap, and it takes you out of the parking hassle.

I reckon trains have been pretty messed up in the past, but the new bullet trains have significantly changed the rail transport system to a greater extent than what many people had expected.

Nevertheless, it is also said that the new proposed technology of high-speed trains that will be moving at an average speed of 220mph is going to transform the transit sector to a more considerable extent.

For example, it is expected that the new high-speed train is going to move between Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities in California, within about three years, cutting the travel time in half. What else do you expect anyway?

Three-Dimensional Printed Cars

Now that may be new to the world, I’m sure a lot of people have no idea what a 3D printed car is. Alright, let me explain it to you. It’s an innovation that is looking forward to the production of printed vehicles.

Do you have any idea how much time it takes to create a car? Probably a few weeks? Or perhaps months? Of course, making a vehicle is not a piece of cake.

The wondrous idea of 3D printed cars is focused on reducing the time it generally takes to make a car by introducing car printing technology that will take less than 44 hours to manufacture a complete vehicle. It’s absolutely remarkable. What do you think?

The best part of the story is that printed cars would be relatively inexpensive. Also, the automotive industry will provide individuals with an opportunity to personalize the body and style of their own car.

Now imagine having your own personalized car? I’m confident it’s a dream-come-true for all the automobile enthusiasts out there.

Modern GPS Devices

Although GPS devices have been around for about a decade, it is the new generation of GPS devices that will impact the transit industry. Previously, the GPS could only calculate mileage, and the time it would take to reach your destination.

However, the new GPS software allows the device to record distance and time and include other fine details such as adjusting time due to weather, road congestion, or even changing to the preferred route of the driver or passenger.

It is something that would make traveling easier for you. Let’s just say there’d be no more problems with the maps or issues with the road blockades!

With all such innovations, I must say that the transit sector would be significantly impacted and positively transformed. The bottom line is that I’m confident we are likely to experience a safer and secure transit within the next decade.


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