I, Rob, am a 32-year-old simple human being who’s constantly struggling in this all-consumed world just to make life healthy and green. How? Well, that’s the interesting part of the story. I think life is all about little things, tender mercies as they call it. 

Working in an urbanized area while living in a posh apartment around downtown and traveling in a luxury gasoline car, I’m afraid that’s not my definition of an ideal life. 

I’m a fitness instructor by profession, but that’s just what I do for a living. If you want me to describe myself in straight words, I’d say I’m a tech enthusiast.  

I’m passionate about technology, especially the evolving means of transportation. I love exploring how transportation is changing with time, the best means of transportation, greener ways to move around, and more. 

Over the years, I’ve switched various vehicles. Not all of them were great; a few were excellent, while others were just okay. Yet, the experience of trying them out was thrilling. 

At this point in life, when I’ve pretty much explored all the means of transportation, I’d say sticking to greener vehicles is the best option. Electric scooters, hoverboards, and skateboards are a few good examples of green vehicles.

I remember participating in a little campaign named ‘let’s save the earth’ when I was in fifth grade. It was all about saving our beloved planet. I still remember it was arranged by our science instructor.

She taught us that being humans, we have a responsibility towards nature. It was then I promised myself that I’d make every possible effort to save the environment from getting worse.

Starting from little things like ditching plastic bags, straws, and bottles to big stuff like gasoline cars, I would like to believe that I have fulfilled that promise in my own little way.

Don’t you wish to contribute to such a good cause? Don’t you feel responsible for nature? If yes, join my hands and switch to the greener ways of transportation. 

They’re adventurous in every possible way. Try riding a hoverboard around town in the evening after work, and you’ll see how stress would leave your entire body in less than a few minutes. 

Now think about returning home from work while riding a hoverboard; what would be better than that? I’m confident you’ll love it; all you need to do is find that ‘perfect product’ like I did and hit the roads.