street legal electric scooter for adults

Top 3 Best Street Legal Electric Scooters!

Popular Choice

  • Revolutionary Upgrade of Electric Scooters
  • Portable Folding Design
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding

eDitor's Choice

  • Cruise Control Feature
  • Excellent Mile Range
  • Great Weight-bearing Capacity

How can you travel around town safely while weaving through the traffic? Are you looking for a more affordable means of transportation

How about an electric scooter? Well, they're legal and all the rage these days, given the fact that they're reasonably priced and easy to manage. 

In this article today, we'll be talking about street legal electric scooters, how they can help you in everyday life, and what makes them the best?

A lot of brands are making electric scooters these days, and it's mainly the reason why choosing one has become pretty hard. Thus, the central idea behind this guide today is to help you find the perfect electric scooter. 

Six of the Best Street Legal Electric Scooters

Before we proceed further, I'd like to ask you this one thing, do you feel responsible for the environment or the earth? An electric scooter is a green means of transportation, and it definitely helps make the world a cleaner place. 

The following are some of the best street-legal electric scooters both in terms of quality and features. The price may vary from brand to brand, but one thing you'll see consistently would be the quality. Ready, set, go!

Glion Dolly Foldable Adult Street Legal Electric Scooter

Starting with Amazon's choice, the Glion Dolly electric scooter brings along a remarkable folding design. If you're looking for an electric scooter that you can easily carry around and take it on public transport, this electric scooter is the best option. 

It weighs around 29 lbs, so it's lightweight and convenient to carry around. It has a top speed of 15-20 mph, depending on your riding style and body weight. It can generally last for up to 15 miles on a single charge but can be dragged to 20 miles if you ride smartly. It's one thing that makes it a great option for everyday house chores. 

It comes with bright LED headlights as well as a tail reflector that can help you ride back home in the evening or night when it's dark outside. In case you don't want to use it anymore, simply fold it down and store it. 

Speed: 15 mph 

Ride Range: 15 miles

Charging Time: 3 h

Engine: 250 w

Wheel Size: 8 inch

Net Weight: 29 lbs

Make sure to have a driver's license when riding this legal scooter around town. I'm sure you wouldn't want to get yourself into any trouble, or would you? Therefore, it's better to be safe than sorry. Let's just say it's something I've learned from my experience. 


  • Bright headlights 
  • Long-lasting construction materials  
  • Great speed limit and mile range
  • Lightweight foldable design
  • US Safety Agent and Department approved


  • Lack of rear tire suspension 
  • Bumpier ride for the beginners
  • No Bluetooth speakers involved

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

This one is my most favorite electric scooter and guess what? I've been using it for almost a year now, and I'm its biggest fan. It provides me with the smoothest rides and best riding experience of all-time. 

Its award-winning design is more or less similar to that of Xiaomi Mi M365; the only difference is that it comes with an extended range and better power. Thereby, it won't be wrong if I give it the edge over the other. 

The Segway Ninebot Max brings along bigger, pneumatic tires that contribute to making your riding experience better. They're flat-resistant, so you don't have to worry about having a flat tire, no matter how rough the terrain is. 

Speed: 18.6 mph

Ride Range: 40 miles

Charging Time: 6 h

Engine: 350 w

Wheel Size: 10 inch

Max Weight: 220 lbs

It also has an LED display, which is rare for a traditional electric scooter. The LED display will inform you about the basics you need to know when riding, such as maximum speed, mile range per hour, scooters' motor power, weight capacity, and more. 

It has a top speed of 18.6 mph, which is pretty impressive. Other than that, it offers a mile range of 40.4 miles per hour, one thing that makes it the best for any professional rider. What else do you need anyway? Grab your driver's license, wear a helmet, and hit the roads!


  • Excellent mile range per hour 
  • Powerful, easy to use, and comes with a double braking system 
  • Water-resistant body and a one-year warranty for different parts
  • US Safety Agent and Department approved


  • A little pricey 
  • Battery charging time can be improved 
  • A little heavy
  • Not the best fit for beginners

MEGAWHEELS Street Legal Electric Scooter

Here I have the most affordable option for today; this electric scooter would only cost you $360. So for anyone who's looking for a high-quality electric scooter under a budget, this one is the perfect option. 

It comes with 8-inch pneumatic tires along with a 250W brushless motor, which makes it a powerful electric scooter. It has a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour with a climbing angle of 15 degrees. 

It offers three-speed gears that you can control with a simple click, and that's about it. It has an LED display that would notify you about everything, from its weight-bearing capacity to its speed and mile range. Isn't it a luxurious feature for such a low price?

The mile range of this electric scooter is not too impressive, as it can only cover 17 miles. It brings me to say that this legal scooter is not an ideal option for professional riders. Still, it's an acceptable option for everyday life chores. 

Speed: 15.5 mph 

Ride Range: 17 miles

Charging Time: 3-4 h

Engine: 250 w

Wheel Size: 8 inch

Max Weight: 265 lbs

It comes with a sturdy frame that is manufactured using ‎high-quality aviation-grade aluminum. It brings along a weight-bearing capacity of 265 lbs but can take a lot more than that.

Moreover, it has a foldable design, so it's portable and easy to carry around. Due to its lightweight body, you can even take it in your suitcase while flying around for vacations. 


  • An affordable option for the beginners
  • Three different speed gear and LED display
  • Portable with foldable design 
  • US Safety Agent and Department approved


  • Doesn't provide the best mile range 
  • Available in only black colorNot entirely water-resistant

Segway Ninebot ES4 Street Legal Electric Kick Scooter

Segway is definitely my first choice when it comes to electric rideables, so here I have another street legal electric scooter by Segway. It's the Segway Ninebot ES4, a product known for its upgraded motor and external battery. 

With a top speed of 18.6 miles, it's similar to the two fast electric legal scooters I've mentioned above. Again, the speed of this electric scooter can be dragged to 20 miles per hour so that you can reach your destination quickly. 

It has large and solid rubber tires that can stand all kinds of terrains with ease. It brings along a 10% hill grade, so you can comfortably ride it around hills, slopes, and other steep surfaces. 

Also, it has an anti-slip handle, which significantly adds to the comfort level of the rider. It supports mobile app functionality, so you know the miles you've covered and the speed you've maintained at the end of the day. 

Speed: 18.6 mph 

Ride Range: 28 miles

Charging Time: 7 h

Engine: 800 w

Wheel Size: 8 inch

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Furthermore, it has a dual suspension system, which adds another star to the product's rating. It will ensure a safe and sound ride even at high speed with its front and rear shock absorbers. 

Apart from that, it has in-built front and rear LED lights. In case you enjoy riding in the evening or at night, the LED lights would light the way for you. The feature is especially beneficial in the winter season when the sun sets early. 


  • Great top speed and range of miles
  • Portable with a foldable design and mobile app functionality
  • One-year limited warranty 
  • US Safety Agent and Department approved


  • Not a reasonable option for the beginners 
  • Comes with a hefty price tag 
  • Available in only one color, dark grey
  • Hill grade power can be improved

JOYOR X5S Street Legal Electric Scooter

Ranking fifth is this amazing legal electric scooter with air tires and foldable design. It's a portable electric scooter that is lightweight and easy to carry around. 

It has a top speed of nearly 16 miles per hour, which isn't too remarkable, but it's not bad either. The mile range of this electric scooter is absolutely incredible, as it can cover up to 40.3 miles on a single charge. 

It brings along a large LCD control panel so you can monitor your speed and mile coverage while riding around. It also has a cruise control feature, but it's recommended not to use cruise control after 15 mph of speed. 

This electric scooter's weight-bearing capacity is 265 lbs, which is great for individuals of every size and height. It weighs only 33 lbs itself that again speaks volumes about its quality and construction. 

Speed: 15.5 mph 

Ride Range: 40.3 m

Charging Time: 6 -7 h

Engine: 500 w

Wheel Size: 10 inch

Max Weight: 265 lbs

It comes with wide, slip-resistant pedals, so you're entirely safe even if you're still learning how to ride. The frame of this electric scooter is made using quality aerospace-grade magnesium that is rare for an electric scooter of its kind. 

It also has LED headlights, so it doesn't restrict the riding time. You can ride around at night comfortably without having to worry about the dark. It comes partially assembled but won't take more than five minutes to get fully assembled. 

For people that enjoy rough riding sessions, I'd say it's the best product so far. Just make sure to wear a helmet when riding on rougher terrains, for your security always comes first. Don't you agree?


  • LED lights and cruise control feature 
  • Large LED display and excellent mile range
  • Great weight-bearing capacity
  • Sleek, foldable design
  • US Safety Agent and Department approved


  • Charging takes a lot of time 
  • Doesn't come fully assembled 
  • A little pricey 

Razor E300 Electric Scooter for Adults

Lastly, this is also a very reasonable option in terms of money. It's genuinely one of the most affordable yet incredible legal electric scooters. It's precisely why I love this electric scooter and can't count enough of its benefits. 

It's a portable electric scooter, as lightweight as it currently comes. Although it isn't as sturdy as the one I've shared above, it's still a great option. It brings along an excellent finishing, something that makes it a wonderful gift for passionate riders. 

It has a top speed of 15 miles per hour, along with a 250W chain-driven motor. It's a product that is designed to make its users excited. It has a mile range of 10 miles. 

Speed: 15 mph 

Ride Range: 10 miles

Net Weight: 43 lbs

Engine: 250 w

Wheel Size: 9 inch

Max Weight: 220 lbs

When talking about safe street-legal options, this electric scooter is a fabulous one. With its 9-inch pneumatic tires and hand-operated rear brake, it's not just a reasonable option for adults, but kids as well.

Besides that, the interface and design of this electric scooter are pretty simple. It doesn't come with any LED headlights, so it may not be very useful for riding in the dark. All its features are plain and simple, nothing complicated. 


  • An affordable price tag
  • A great option for both adults and kids 
  • Sleek design with chain-driven motor 
  • US Safety Agent and Department approved


  • No LED lights 
  • The speed limit can be improved 
  • No automatic braking system
  • Not the fanciest electric scooter


Now that we know which ones are the best street-legal electric scooters, let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions for further convenience. 

Buying a new adult electric scooter can be a significant investment; thereby, it's natural to have a few questions in mind. Since I'm a passionate rider, a lot of people come to me with dozens of questions. 

Here I'm going to answer a few of the commonly asked questions to make the final decision easier for you:

Do You Need a License for an Electric Scooter? 

One of the primary concerns for many people is if they would need a license in order to ride an electric scooter?

A simple answer would be yes, although terms and conditions apply to it. In case your electric scooter goes over 30-35 mph, it is known as a full-road vehicle; subsequently, a license would be required. 

On the other hand, if you're riding merely as an evening activity and your electric scooter doesn't go over 25-30 mph, it's okay if you don't have a license. Still, I'll recommend keeping a license as I believe it's always good to be on the safer side.

How Safe is an Electric Scooter? 

People have been quite skeptical about using electric scooters, given the fact that they're operated via batteries. Yes, I reckon that lithium-ion batteries can be harmful if mishandled, but it's not the case anymore. 

All these electric scooters available on Amazon bring along a UL certification, so they're entirely safe against fire and explosions. There's nothing to worry about; you have my word. 

Being certified from UL ratings means they're undergone various safety tests, and they've passed them all in flying colors, so they're safe to be ridden. Henceforth, there are no dangers attached to an electric scooter.

How Sustainable is an Electric Scooter in Terms of CO2 Emission?

As I mentioned earlier, riding an electric scooter is a greener means of transportation. Do you know how much CO2 an electric scooter produces?

Well, it's not much. One mile of electric scooter drive produces only 2% of CO2, which is a lot less than any regular road vehicle. Let's say an electric scooter and a ceiling fan have a similar amount of CO2, making it one of the most greener means of transportation. 

For anyone concerned about the environment and earth in general, I'd say you should ditch your gasoline vehicle as much as possible and use an electric scooter instead. It is the best way to contribute to a greener and healthier environment.

Do I Need to Wear a Helmet When Riding an Electric Scooter? 

Well, the answer to this question is a little complicated as it depends upon your state laws as well as a personal preference to some extent. There are different helmet laws for different states. 

Nevertheless, your security comes first. It needs to be your utmost priority; therefore, I always recommend wearing protective gear. Whether you're riding an electric scooter, a hoverboard, a skateboard, or even a motorbike, you should always wear protective gear, especially the helmet.

As you know brain injuries can be severe. I don’t want to scare you, but why would you want to take any chances? As a matter of fact, you never know what the future holds for you. Thus, it’s mandatory to take all the precautionary measures. Like I said earlier, there’s nothing above your safety and health, so it’s one thing you must not forget.

The Takeaway

Winding it up, I'd say whenever you're up for purchasing a street-legal electric scooter; you must consider the options I've listed above. They're all personally tried and tested, so I know they work well, and they're topnotch both in terms of quality and working.

Make no mistake, riding an electric scooter is going to save you a lot on gasoline and related charges like engine oil and general maintenance of the vehicle. Don't you want to save your hard-earned money? Imagine how many things you can do with that money? Remember that dress you always wanted to buy? A trip that you have been saving for your entire life?

A little amount of money can make a huge difference in your life. It is mainly why I suggest switching to electric scooters that are affordable and safe at the same time. You should think about it too; I'm confident you won't be disappointed, my pals. Enjoy your day ahead!


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