Are you fond of hoverboards as well? I’m in love with them and of course, for the right reasons. Whether I’m running late from the office, avoiding those busy streets in the morning, or getting bored in the evening, my hoverboard always saves the day.

I’ve recently got a new hoverboard, and guess what? It’s a one-wheeled hoverboard. You’ve no idea how much everyone adores it. I mean, it looks so classy, so why would anyone ignore it?

You may think that balancing yourself on one wheel would be difficult, but trust me, it isn’t. If you can stably ride a standard hoverboard with two wheels, you won’t have any issue with riding a one-wheeled hoverboard. Let’s say they’re more or less similar in working.

Are you looking to buy a new hoverboard? Are you confused about which one to buy? There is a massive variety of hoverboards available in the markets these days, so choosing one often gets overwhelming.

Still, to make your journey of choosing and buying one easier, I’m going to review five of the best one wheel hoverboards today. They’re new on the block, and I’m certain you’ll fall in love with them. Ready, set, go!

What is this actually?

one wheeled hoverboard

Credit: Shutter Stock

Before we jump into the detail of what these hoverboards bring for you, let’s learn a few basics first.

Do you have any idea about the electric skateboards? Have you ever heard of them? One wheel hoverboards are also known as electric skateboards. You can think of them as the unicycle version of a traditional electric skateboard.

They’re chargeable and powered by electricity, just like your standard two-wheeled hoverboard. You don’t have to worry about balancing it; it can balance itself using the motion sensors it comes with.

It was initially designed by the founder and CEO of Future Motion Inc, Kyle Doerksen. No wonder it’s an excellent recreational activity and personal transporter. All you need is a little practice, and you’ll be good to ride it around in the evening.

My Top Five One-Wheeled Hoverboard Picks 2020

Enough with the surprises, it’s time we look at the best one wheeled self balancing hoverboards you can get your hands on. All these options are personally tried by me, so I know they’re fabulous in every way.

After all, you’re spending a significant amount of money, so it needs to be special. What do you say?

Future Motion OneWheel+ XR

future motion onewheeled hoverboard

Ranking first, this one is my most favorite pick. It’s the best one wheel board you can ever have. Obviously, it’s a little expensive, but its quality would leave you surprised.

It comes with a HyperCore brushless motor that makes riding it a lot smoother. With a mile range of 18KM and a top speed of 12KPH, it’s genuinely one of the fastest one wheel hoverboards you’ll get to see in the market.

This powered wheel skateboard brings along a smart LED lighting system, so you can ride it around even when it's dark around without having to worry about any obstacles. Lean on and hit the roads now!

Pros of the product:

  • The LED lights
  • A stable board with motion sensors
  • UL certified safe battery
  • Cons of the product:

  • Tricky to move around
  • No fender and bumpers
  • A little pricey
  • trotter off road skateboard

    Again, the second one is a phenomenal option that brings along a gyro-drive system providing you with a hands-free, stable ride. You can smoothly ride for 18-25KM per hour, depending on your weight, making it one of the fastest skateboards.

    With excellent top speed and a 500V motor, this one wheel hoverboard is going to be your best friend in all those fine evenings when you’re bored and have no idea what to do or how to pass the time. Simply ride it around the neighborhood and enjoy some me-time.

    Pros of the product:

  • Powerful motor
  • A stable board with gyro-drive system
  • UL certified safe battery
  • Cons of the product:

  • A hefty price tag
  • Limited weight-bearing capacity
  • skootrider hoverboard

    If you’re an adrenaline junkie like I am, I’ll say this is the option you should go with. It’s a water-resistant one wheel hoverboard that works well with all kinds of terrains. You can take it out on the wet grass or those sloppy hills, and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

    It offers a 16MPH speed, which is a little less than the two options I’ve mentioned above. Yet, it’s an incredible option, given its stability and wild nature. Let me put it this way, how would you feel if your board stops working after a few months of purchasing it? Pretty sad, eh?

    This one wheeled board is undoubtedly built to last. With its fast-charging system, you can charge it within two hours. Oh, and it provides great tilt protection, so don’t worry if you’re not experienced much or if you’re just a beginner.

    Pros of the product:

  • Auto speed system
  • Tilt protection
  • A water-resistant skateboard
  • Cons of the product:

  • Not too fast
  • A little heavy than the rest
  • electric onewheel skateboard

    Are you short or petite? Here’s a compact-sized one wheel hoverboard for you! Again, it’s a one-wheeled hoverboard with innovative design and superior-quality stability.

    It has a remarkable speed as you can ride up to 20km per hour, so it's clearly very fast. It comes with LED indicator lights, so in case of a low battery or if you’re reaching the maximum speed limit, the hoverboard light would blink and save you the trouble. Isn’t that wonderful?

    I’m confident it won’t be wrong if I call it the safest option on the block. It’s great for beginners as it brings along gravity sensing technology. Start practicing with this one, and you’ll become a pro in less than no time.

    Pros of the product:

    • Great top speed
    • Available in five color options 
    • A reasonable price tag

    Cons of the product

    • Tricky tilting
    • Not suitable for taller or heavier individuals
    • Limited weight-bearing capacity

    hx one wheeled hoverboard

    Lastly, I have a very affordable option for you by Surfwheel. If you’re looking for a board to learn and practice riding, this is the product to go with. It’s certainly one of the coolest yet pocket-friendly hoverboards.

    It comes with natural surfing motion that will make you feel as if you’re surfing on water. It has a top speed of 18KM per hour, making it a suitable option for even the most experienced riders.

    The best part being, it’s rainproof. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s windy out there, and you think it may rain? There’s no need to sit tight, simply go out and ride around. Enjoy the weather with this fantastic one wheel hoverboard.

    Pros of the product:

  • Natural surfing motion tech
  • Fast charging
  • Mobile app functionality
  • Economically priced
  • Cons of the product:

  • A little tricky to balance
  • Not recommended to children under 13 years of age
  • Require extra care for charging

  • Is a One-Wheeled Hoverboard Worth it?

    is one wheel hoverboard worth it

    Before I leave, I’d like to answer the most important question that makes the rounds in pretty much everyone’s mind, is one wheel hoverboard worth buying?

    In simple words, I’d say YES. Don’t you want to try something new? Aren’t you tired of the traditional two-wheeled hoverboards? If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll agree with me.

    Change is the essence of life, so why stick with that old board and not try the new one wheeler? Something that’s a little more adventurous?

    I remember a friend of mine had a one wheel skateboard, and it was then I added it to my list as well. It took me two months to decide on it. I saw various YouTube videos, TV recommendations, and customer reviews online. 

    After that, I finally decided to give the one wheel self-balancing hoverboard a try, and I must say that it was indeed a wise choice. Riding a future motion board is super fun and truly a healthy activity. Give it a thought, my pals!


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