Imagine riding a hoverboard around the neighborhood in those pleasant summer evenings? It's more than fun. Isn't it?

Not just that, the incredible self-balancing scooters have now become a personal commuting device as they can manage to get through all those tiny sidewalks easily as compared to a bike or a car.

Oh, and need I remind you that it's a lot faster than simply walking? Although riding a hoverboard seems simple enough, it's a lot trickier than you think.

It's more than just stepping on the hoverboard and saying go. Yes, it's a pretty smooth experience for most people, but not for all. A lot of people relate it to ballet moves as you need to stand in certain positions in order to maintain a balance.

So what do you need to do? How to ride a hoverboard? Are you still learning, or do you consider yourself a medium-level rider already?

Either way, here I'm going to explain all the tiny bits of riding a hoverboard. I'm certain my guide will make you a pro sooner rather than later.

A Few Safety Tips for Your Hoverboard

safety tips for your hoverboard

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Before we show you how to ride a hoverboard any further, I'd say it does require a little preparation. You wouldn't want to get moving without the essential safety gear, or would you?

Below are a few products that you need to enjoy a safe hoverboard ride:

  • A tailbone protector
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Wrist guards
  • A helmet

Taking all the precautionary measures beforehand can significantly help avoid potential injuries. What you need to remember is that most hoverboards these days come with an ability to travel 8-10 miles.

Even though the given speed limit is not very impressive for a car, it can be incredibly unsafe when it comes to hoverboards. Henceforth, it's necessary to have the safety gear so that you can be safe through it all.

Once you're all set with your protective gear, all you need to do is jump on that hoverboard and hit it.

How to Use a Hoverboard for Beginners?

how to use hoverboard for beginners

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First thing first, standing on a hoverboard can be tricky, especially if you're a newbie. So here I'm going to explain to you how you can ride a hoverboard even if you haven't ridden before.

It goes without saying that riding a these scooters isn't a natural talent; it's a learned art. You may be skating for a while, but let me tell you that a hoverboard is notably different from a skateboard.

You're more prone to falling and getting injured when you want to learn how to ride a hoverboard; therefore, you must follow the mandatory steps I've mentioned below in order to have a safe ride.

  • Make sure the surface you choose to try your hoverboard on is even and flat. It's one way you can eliminate the potential obstacles.
  • Step on your board after switching it on so that it's functioning in its self-balancing mode.
  • After switching it on, put one foot near one wheel of the board and keep the other one close to the other wheel. The more stance you have, the more stable you'll be.
  • Now try and balance yourself by leaning a little back and staying still. Please be sure to keep your back straight if you wish to maintain the right balance.
  • When you're comfortable, start pushing your right food slowly, and you'll be on the go.

Are you scared? I can totally relate to it as I was too afraid to use a hoverboard when I tried it for the first time. A number of hoverboards come with learning modes nowadays, so make sure to find the right board, and it will help you with the learning process.

I've tried plenty of hoverboards over time, and the following are a few that come with the best learning mode:

All the ones I've mentioned above are personally tried and tested, so I can guarantee that they can help you learn and practice effortlessly. Thus, I'd say it would be safe to give them a try. After a few tries you will surely know how to ride the hoverboard. 

How Easy is it to Ride a Hoverboard?

how easy it is to ride a hoverboard

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Alright. You may think of it as a daunting task, but it isn't. Yes, I did call it tricky, but that doesn't mean it's complicated or impossible. Riding one of these boards is pretty simple, all you need is a little practice, and I swear you'll enjoy the time of your life.

For starters, make sure your hoverboard is fully charged before you try your first ride. How would you feel if it stops just when you get into the mood? It won't be nice, eh?

The next thing that I'd like to say is you must be relaxed through it all. Remember that it isn't anything to panic about, it's easy and more than fun once you get the grip.

Let me share some of the best board riding tricks and tips I've learned from my years of experience:

Moving Back and Forth

It can be a little tricky at first, but what you need to know is that moving the hoverboard backward and forward requires nothing but a slight lean. If you wanna go forward, lean forward, if you wanna go backwards lean back! Thats it! Be sure to keep your back straight; just move your ankles a little, and you'll be on the go.

How to Turn Right

What do you need now? You need to turn the hoverboard right? Simply give a little push to your left toe. It will shift your body weight in the opposite direction so you'll swiftly move towards your desired way.

How to Turn Left

Now follow the same procedure to turn left, move your right toe a little forward. It will shift your weight in the opposite direction and help you move. Please ensure to keep your other foot in horizontal order. 

In case it's confusing, you can slightly lean your toe in the desired direction, but it may be challenging managing if you're a beginner. Start slowly! Because if you push your right foot on the hoverboard to strong, you might end up turning in circles. 

Spinning the Hoverboard Around

Let's talk about spinning the hoverboard in a circle and performing a few stunts; it's simpler than you think. If you're going to spin it in a clockwise direction, lean your left toe forward while pushing down your right ankle.

In case you want to spin in an anti-clockwise direction, follow the same process with your right toe and left ankle.

It's all about how you move and control your toes at the end of the day. The more you push your toes, the faster your board would move, and the sharper would be the turns and movements. Still, I'd say you MUST be cautious if you're trying it for the first time.

You don't have to worry in case you're not able to balance yourself properly. Please know that practice makes a man perfect, so keep practicing, and I'm confident you'll eventually win at it.

When it comes to controlling the board and balancing yourself, there's no actual trick. Just be sure to be cautious when riding off-road.

Take a good note of the features when buying a hoverboard, your board would tell you what kinds of terrains it can handle. In case it's not made to handle steep surfaces, it won't be safe to ride on hills and slopes. It's as simple as that.

Moreover, if you're still learning, try it on even surfaces first and slowly move towards slight inclines. Also, make sure to ride at a slow speed to avoid any potential injuries.

Okay. Here I have a rundown with some of the best self-balancing scooters for all the newbies out there.

All these hoverboards are quite advanced, and they are designed to last. The best part being, they bring along various modes; henceforth, they're great for both, beginners and pros.

When you're making an investment, so why not make a sensible one that lasts longer and serves you well? It's a wise thing, of course.

How Do You Step Off a Hoverboard?

how do you step off a hoverboard

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Are you wondering how to get off a self-balancing scooter? Nope, I wouldn't say it's simple, and that is why I want you to listen to this carefully. Never leap off too quickly as it can turn the hoverboard upside down, and you may fall. I'm sure you wouldn't want that, so let's talk about stepping off a hoverboard safely.

When stepping off a hoverboard, pay attention to your dominant foot first and slowly shift your body weight on it.

After that, take a step back and get off the hoverboard using your foot with a lesser weight.

Please ensure not to get off the hoverboard in a forward direction as it can speed up the board while taking off your other foot, which can be dangerous as you may lose the balance.

The key to remember here is that you must always step off the hoverboard in the backward direction. It will control the speed of the board so you can safely manage your way out.

How Do You Control a Hoverboard?

how do you control a hoverboard

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One thing that scares most people when riding a hoverboard is its speed. Many of my friends have been asking me about how they can control the speed without losing their balance.

As a matter of fact, hoverboards can go up to 10-12 mph, but how do you manage them with such high speed? Now here comes the real question!

Controlling the speed of your hoverboard isn't a problem if you learn to lean correctly. When you slightly lean forward, your hoverboard moves forward too, and as you keep pushing forward, your speed would accelerate. I hope that's clear by now?

If your board comes with a speed control system, it will only go as fast as the hoverboard allows. In case there's no restriction on the speed, your hoverboard would move as you lean forward until it reaches its maximum speed limit.

Several hoverboards bring along an additional safety feature as they will notify you when you're close to the maximum speed limit. Isn't that wonderful?

Once you get to hear the speed alert, know that it's time you slow down. Make sure not to exceed the given speed limit as the hoverboard would then go out of control, the motors may shut off, and it may fly off the ground.

Such incidents have turned into terrible accidents; therefore, I'd say you must not pull out any stunt of that kind.

Looking to control the speed or stop altogether? Simply stop pushing your toes forward and lean a little in the backward direction, but not too much, or else the hoverboard may start moving backward. It's a smart way to decrease the speed so you can step off safely.

Preventative Measures While Riding a Hoverboard

preventive measures while riding a hoverboard

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Now that you know how to ride a hoverboard safely, I'd like to enlighten you with a few preventative measures to save you the trouble later down the road. Hoverboard injuries can be bad, so why not be safe now than sorry later?

  • Never bend your knees when riding a hoverboard. It is one thing that will affect your weight while disturbing the balance.
  • Look at the things that are in front of you, and don't stare at your feet. Your feet will be okay if you ride correctly.
  • Don't try what you try with your skateboard. You may be a pro at skating, but skateboards are a lot more flexible than a hoverboard, so those flying tricks may not work with these self-balancing scooters.
  • If you're a beginner, stick to even surfaces. Start by riding around the neighborhood and gradually move towards the rough terrains. Don't rush the decision; you'll know when you're ready.

Make no mistake; there's nothing more important than your safety. Thus, it would be best to follow the safety measures I've mentioned above appropriately while riding a hoverboard. Be sure not to pull lots of stunts and follow the instructions at all times.

Rest assured, a hoverboard is more than fun. Now that you know how to ride hoverboards, it’s time for you to try!


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