As you know, the holiday season is just around the corner. In fact, the entire summer season is a holiday season for most people out there.

Well, it makes sense. What’s the point of sitting at home when you can go out, enjoy the heat at some beach, have those chilled cocktails, and take a break? It sounds like a road map to heaven, isn’t it?

As a matter of fact, hoverboards are selling like hotcakes these days. They’ve surely become the rage of the moment with several new designs and versions rolling out.

how to charge a hoverboard

While they’re adored by most adventure enthusiasts, a number of people complain that hoverboards often explode due to unstable power control levels and lithium-ion batteries.

I’m sure you must have seen YouTube videos about failed riding attempts and hoverboards catching fire and exploding, which is scary. Please tell me if you’re wondering if it’s safe to buy a hoverboard? Or, if there’s any way you can protect the one you already have from exploding?

First and foremost, these thoughts are natural. It’s good to be concerned about your safety; henceforth, you don’t need to feel paranoid about it.

Secondly, I reckon that such incidents that happened in the past were caused by cheap hoverboard batteries. It was precisely the reason hoverboards were nearly finished a few years ago, but they’re now making a come back.

Hoverboards are undoubtedly trending these days, and I must say, they’re trending for the right reasons. Nowadays, there are some legal requirements to make and sell a hoverboard.

Every hoverboard coming to the market needs to be certified with a UL certificate. UL ratings consist of a dozen safety tests; once a hoverboard passes all of them, it’s good to release them in the markets.

The UL certification ensures that your hoverboard is safe and comes with a high-quality battery made by a reputable brand like LG or Samsung.

Are you still confused? Well, don’t be. Here I have combined a list with a few pointers that you must check out before buying a hoverboard to ensure its credibility. Let’s get started:

Determine its Safety

The fastest way to discover if a Hoverboard is safe or unsafe is by looking at it. All the reasonable options will have a UL certification logo both on the base and charger of the hoverboard.

In case the UL certification sticker is only present on the base of the board and not the charger, it’s a counterfeit. If it has both, you’re definitely looking at a reliable product.

The Price of the Hoverboard

Another way you can determine if the hoverboard you’re purchasing is a good one is by its price. Some hoverboards from local brands are available for as low as $90. When buying a hoverboard for less than $100, you must scrutinize the product, for it can be a counterfeit.

Also, please know that not all expensive products are great too. Just because you’ve spent a grand, it doesn’t mean you have a legitimate product.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the UL certification. It’s a sure shot way to make sure that you’ve got the right product.

Check Out the Label

You may not think of it that way, but the brand name matters a lot when it comes to its quality. Needless to say, high-end brands ensure they provide quality products to their customers. Why? Because their reputation is at stake.

Henceforth, one way to learn the originality of your hoverboard is by considering the label you buy it from. If you’re purchasing your hoverboard from a website like Amazon, you’re surely getting a legitimate product.

Buying a hoverboard from a local retailer with no credibility can turn into a disaster later down the road. Would you like to take such a big risk? Think about it!

How to Charge Your Hoverboard Appropriately and Keep the Battery Safe?

Whether you’re still considering buying one or you already have a hoverboard at home, charging your hoverboard the incorrect way can put you in hot water.

Before we talk about the charging tips and tricks, let’s see why a lithium-ion battery without a UL certification often fails?

Temperature Change: The charging capability of your hoverboard’s battery can be damaged in case the external temperature is too hold or too cold.

Overcharging: It’s one thing that is incredibly dangerous. You’ve heard that right! Overcharging the battery is mostly the reason behind your hoverboard exploding, overheating, and catching fire.

Impact Damage: If you’re charging a battery that is already damaged, it can eventually explode or merely catch fire.

Such issues are common, but they’re often neglected by people. Thereby, I thought it would be great to revise them all once, so you have them in mind when dealing with your hoverboard.

Now let’s see how you can safely charge your hoverboard:

  • Every hoverboard comes with a manual of instructions. Make sure to read it thoroughly and follow the instructions properly before you charge it for the first time or use it in general.
  • If you happen to observe anything like overheating, the battery swelling up, or smoke dismount, please unplug the charger immediately to avoid potential damage.
  • Avoid charging the hoverboard overnight or leaving it unattended when plugged in.
  • Make sure to use the right power adaptors to avoid problems like a short circuit.
  • Don’t try disassembling the battery or parts of the battery, no matter how obsessed you are with tech.

There you have it, following the simple rules I’ve shared above, you can successfully ensure the longevity of your hoverboard and keep it on the safer side. After all, there’s nothing more important than your safety. Isn’t that right? Stay safe, my pals!


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