How to Charge a Hoverboard

During the past holiday seasons, Hoverboards sold like hot cakes, and they have become the rage of the moment, with new designs and versions rolling out.

While they have been the rage of the moment, many people have complained that they explode due to unstable power control levels and the lithium-ion batteries. If you news freak type, you would have seen  “exploding hoverboards” on your T.V screen, which might have kept you wondering if indeed Hoverboards are safe to charge or if there is a perfect way to prevent them from exploding.

First of all, most of these fires were caused by cheap batteries. Nowadays, there are some legal requirements for selling hoverboards. Every product has to be labeled with the official UL certificate that prooves, that the battery is safe and produced by a high quality brand like Samsung or LG:

Before you are buying a hoverboard, you should therefore have a look at this checklist: 

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    The fastest way to discover if a Hoverboard is safe or unsafe is by looking at it. The original ones will have a UL certification logo both on the base and the charger. So, if you can’t find this certification anywhere on the Hoverboard or charger, then is a counterfeit. But, if you do, then you have a legitimate board.
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    Another way you can tell is the price; some Hoverboards from China sells as low as $100. So, if you pay anything less than $100, then there is a chance that your Hoverboard is counterfeit. Additionally, just because you spent more doesn’t mean you have a legitimate Hoverboard, a company could have just sold a hoverboard that cost $100 to produce for $400. Just look for the UL Certificate.
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    Another way to tell the originality of your Hoverboard is when you bought it from. If you purchased it from an official retailer or Amazon, then you might have a legitimate hoverboard, but if you bought it from an online store with no credibility, there is a chance that it could be an unsafe product. Again the UL Certificate should be your first decision criterion.

So, whether you’re merely considering of buying one or you already purchased a Hoverboard, the following guide will put you through on the right ways to follow when charging your Hoverboard. But, before this let’s look at some of the reasons why does a  lithium-ion battery without a UL Certificate fail?

  • Temperature shifting: your battery’s chargeability can be damaged if the temperature is either extremely hot or cold.
  • Over-charging the battery: your Hoverboard might explode, erupt, overheat or even catch fire if you overcharge your battery it 9some people is fond of charging overnight).
  • Damage on impact: your hoverboard battery could overheat, catch fire or explode during a recharge if the battery is damaged or punctured.

Guide to safely charge your Hoverboard

  1. Make sure you read through and follow the manual that comes with your board before you charge or start using.
  2. If you see any sign of swelling up, overheating or smoke dismount, make sure you remove the charger immediately.
  3. Avoid charging the battery overnight or leaving it unattended to.
  4. Also, make sure always to use the correct power adaptor to avoid short circuit.
  5. Do not disassemble a battery or parts of the battery.

So, there you have it, these are simple steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your new hoverboard and keep your family safe during the process!


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