Are you thinking about buying a hoverboard? Do you have anything specific in mind? Perhaps a price range?

Alright. What do you think? How much does an average hoverboard cost? Are hoverboards generally expensive? Most importantly, how much are you willing to spend on that hoverboard?

Are you buying it as a means of transportation? Or, do you merely need it to ride it around the neighborhood in the evening?

All these questions are of great significance, especially when you’re making any such investment. It may be surprising, but a hoverboard is a lot more than a fun accessory, it can serve you well in case you’re running late from your office or passing through a busy street.

Several people use these self-balancing scooters as their daily means of transportation. It’s indeed one thing that makes them worth the money.

As a matter of fact, the price of the hoverboard remains one of the primary concerns for most people out there. A lot of my friends are looking for hoverboards these days; however, they’re not willing to spend much.

The good news is that you can easily find a decent hoverboard for less than $300. Although self-balancing hoverboards are available in various price ranges, starting from as low as $100, they can go as high as $2000.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the brand and features of the hoverboard. There are plenty of brands popular for making hoverboards; each one has its own manufacturing style and different components.

Factors That Determine the Price of Your Hoverboard

price of a hoverboard

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There have been numerous questions about the cost of a hoverboard. I remember when I bought my first hoverboard, I used to wonder about things that make a hoverboard worth buying.

Well, it’s fair enough. What are the factors that justify the price of a hoverboard? I believe it’s a legit question.

So here I’m going to answer this question in my own way, but responsibly. I realize spending hundreds of bucks is not a joke, so let’s check out the features that make your hoverboard worthwhile.

Wheel Size of the Hoverboard

You may think otherwise, but the wheel size of a hoverboard can make a huge difference, whether you’re riding it outdoors or indoors. Are you wondering what I am talking about?

Okay. Let me put it this way; what is the primary difference between most self-balancing scooters? Can you name one?

The making and the design of all the hoverboards are more or less similar; what makes one different to the other is its wheel size. Not just that, the wheel size of a hoverboard can significantly contribute to your riding experience as well.

Following are a few standard wheel sizes available for hoverboards in the market:

  • 4.5-inch wheelbase
  • 6.5-inch wheelbase
  • 8-inch wheelbase
  • 10-inch wheelbase

Starting from the smaller one, hoverboards with a 4.5-inch wheel size are usually designed for kids; whereas, hoverboards with a 6.5-inch wheel size are most common in the electric scooter sphere and are used by both children and adults.

On the other hand, for anyone that wants more stability, a hoverboard with an 8-inch wheel size is a perfect option as it would be relatively broad and more stable while hoverboards with 10-inch wheelbase are recommended for rough terrains and are mostly used by professional riders.

Battery Life of a Hoverboard

Do you know there was a time in late 2014 and early 2015 when hoverboards almost vanished from the market, even the giant online retailers like Amazon were not selling hoverboards.

It was mainly because of the growing accidents related to hoverboards. Now what you need to understand is that most of these accidents were caused due to the cheap batteries used to make those self-balancing hoverboards.

Thereby, one thing that is crucial when buying a hoverboard is the quality and life of its battery. I’d say it makes all the difference in the world.

Hoverboards these days are constructed using high-quality lithium-ion batteries. Most brands use batteries by renowned electronic companies like Samsung and LG.

On top of that, almost all the hoverboards these days have their batteries certified by UL ratings. It goes to prove how vital the battery of your hoverboard is and how much it has improved over time, making hoverboards a safe electric device.

I have a Yd&h Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, and I must say it’s the best hoverboard you can get your hands on. It comes with Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, a 20km driving mileage, a 15-degree climbing angle, a UL certified safe lithium battery, and many more surprises.

I’ve been using it for two years now, and truth be told, buying it was an incredible decision I made. From its quality to construction and working, everything speaks for itself.

Range & Speed of the Hoverboard

For most of the hoverboards, the mile range is 10-15 per hour. However, the top speed of your hoverboard can significantly affect the mile range.

Hoverboards with a high top speed, approximately 8-10, you can easily ride for 12-15 miles per hour. Although it’s pretty tricky to determine the range of a hoverboard as various factors play a role in it, including your body weight and the surface you’re riding on.

It goes without saying that the hoverboard market is saturated with dozens of options; each one brings along a different top speed and mile range. I’d say you should consider your expertise before buying a hoverboard.

If you’re a beginner, a hoverboard with 5-8 top speed and 8-10 mile range would be great while if you’re a pro, a hoverboard with 10-12 top speed and 12-15 mile range would be a better-suited option. It’s as simple as that.

In a nutshell, the more experienced you are, the better you can handle the speed and enjoy the mile range. High top speed and greater mile range may not be as beneficial for a beginner as they are for a pro.

My Top Hoverboard Picks According to Different Price Ranges

hoverboard picks

Credit: Freepik

As mentioned earlier, there are different hoverboards available in various price ranges. To make it all more convenient for you, here I’m going to break the options down according to their price range and features.

How Much is the Cheapest Hoverboard?

Let’s face it; people often prefer not spending much on electric devices. It may not be accurate for you, but it’s the case with most of my acquaintances. They’re all currently on beginner’s level, so the last thing they want is to break the bank.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Several cheap hoverboards are available in the range of $100-200. Even though they don’t come with fancy features, they’re excellent for starters.

If you’re new to the world of hoverboards or you enjoy riding a hoverboard seasonally, I’d say you should get a basic hoverboard under $200. They won’t have a longer mile range, quick charging time, or high speed, but they’ll be great for your learning experiences.

Here I have a few incredible options that you can purchase within the given price range. 

How Much Does an Average Hoverboard Cost?

Okay. Do you think you’re a medium-level rider, or do you want to learn and practice? If yes, it would be great to invest a little more into it.

You can get a decent quality hoverboard within the price range of $300-500. They’ll be upgraded hoverboards with a few premium features like LED lights, off-road riding capacity, Bluetooth speakers, and reliable warranty.

Besides that, this price range would certainly deliver an improved quality as compared to the cheaper models. Low-quality hoverboards may not be able to serve you for long, and oh, they can be harmful in case of poor construction.

It all comes down to your safety at the end of the day. You wouldn’t want to risk yourself by riding a low-quality hoverboard, or would you? Go figure!

Before you rush into the decision, have a look at some of the best options available in this price range. 

How Much Does a High-End Hoverboard Cost?

All these luxury models by high-end brands are meant for professionals and riding experts. If you’re passionate about riding, I’d say you should definitely think about getting your hands on one.

Such a hoverboard would bring along topnotch mile range, excellent top speed, a speed controller, automatic LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, knee supports, a fast-charging system, a long-lasting battery, and many more luxe features.

It’s wonderful. Isn’t it? Please check out some of the iconic hoverboards that I’m going to share now. To tell you the truth, they are remarkable examples of extravagance.

Now that you have a perfect idea about the cost of hoverboards, you can easily choose one and enjoy an incredible riding experience. These self-balancing scooters vary in price and features. All you need to do is research well and make an informed decision. Happy riding, pals!


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