The Best Hoverboards 2019

Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know

It was a scant 2 years ago when the word “hoverboard” started to hit the mainstream’s ears. Everybody and their dog had one of those “crazy balancing scooters”. It seemed entire video gag shows had segments with only hover board fails. Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and YouTube were glutted with videos and images of these toys.

And then it happened…

The bubble burst. People started to get over the rapidly rising fad when videos started to come out of poorly-made boards bursting into flames, or worse, exploding hoverboards.

The problem was because of mass interest and poor manufacturing. There were no safety regulations. There wasn’t any oversight.

But now in 2018, they are coming back.

And they’re coming back better than ever.


Max Speed



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Segway Mini Pro

10 mph

14​ miles

  • check
    High end quality
  • check
    Light weight
  • check
    Adapts to road obstacles


13,5 mph

8 miles

  • check
    Advanced technology
  • check
    Adapts to all terrains
  • check
    High end board

Swagtron T6

12 mph

12 miles

  • check
    For all terrains
  • check
    Max weight 420 lbs
  • check
    Fast and robust

Skque X1

7.5 mph

12 miles

  • check
    Lights for night riding
  • check
    With bluetooth speakers
  • check
    Updates series

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

8 mph

10 miles

  • check
    Best hoverboard for kids ( 8 and up)
  • check
    Advanced design
  • check
    Easy to learn with

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

8 mph

10 miles

  • check
    Best affordable choice
  • check
    splash resistant
  • check
    anti-slip pads

EPiKGO Sports Plus

12  mph

12 miles

  • check
    Best high end hoverboard
  • check
    Sharp design
  • check
    Super fast
  • check
    High quality speakers

What’s Good about Hoverboards?

So what is it that has everybody coming back to this almost-faded fad?

They are fun! They are exceptionally easy to learn and the pure joy of riding one is accessible to just about everybody.

Anybody from your 4-year-old daughter to your 65-year-old grandpa can hop on the board and give it a try.

And that’s because these toys have changed.

When you first were able to get these new fads from China, they weren’t certified by any regulatory board. That has changed now. The boards are safer, faster, better, and easier for anybody to try.


You can take extended trips with longer battery life on the boards. You can find one that rides on paths or off-road tracks. You can find ones that are lightweight for kids or heavy duty, built for speed and distance. Find one that’s perfect for your needs.


And all the boards we want to show you are certified by the UL certificate designating the battery and motor system safe from fires or corruption.


Another reason why hoverboards have become synonymous with fun?

They’re incredibly contagious!

Do you ever see someone at the park playing with a Yo-Yo? Ho-hum. Do you see kids riding their bikes? Yawn

But watch someone on a hoverboard coast by and all eyes are on them. Everybody wants a turn. Everybody wants to test themselves on the board. Everybody wants to rush home and get their very own models.

It practically sells itself!

Best Board per Type  

The market is absolutely inundated with options. Clear it up with this handy guide to the different types of boards out there.

Segway miniPRO Transporter - Best Modern Model

Segway, one of the world’s leading experts in electric vehicle inventions, has released the miniPRO. It’s certainly an advanced version of the hoverboard technology.

What the Segway hoverboard has done is taken the concept and pushed it further than other brands out there.

 For one, you’ll notice that it comes with the added bonus of a knee-support system to help with steering. 

It’s a much more precise turning mechanism that gives you so much more control over your board.

You should also be aware that the Segway is built for speed as well. The top speed, for a fully loaded 100kg (220lb) weight limit is 10mph (16kph). That’s not slow when you’re standing on the board.

The safer board, the faster speeds, and the longer battery life make this one of the best high-end hoverboards you can get. It’s certainly built for those who have experience riding these machines.

And of course, it comes complete with the all-important UL certification to protect the rider from any battery or motor dysfunction.

What we dont love

  • times-circle
    Higher priced
  • times-circle
    Is not the fastest model
  • times-circle
    Not the classical model

What we love

  • check-circle-o
    Perfect for Rider with High Standards
  • check-circle-o
    Probably most high-grade Model 
  • check-circle-o
    Increased Control and Stability with knee support
  • check-circle-o
    UL Certified Safe Battery

Feeling the Hover with the OneWheel from 

The Onewheel is almost in a category on its own. One look at the single wheel design and you’ll understand why you can’t classify it under anything else.

The Onewheel operates similar to a skateboard, in that you ride it while standing in the same position.

However, the Onewheel is operated by the same type of movements as a hoverboard.

Sensor pads underneath the board detect where the weight is shifted, and powers the wheel to move in that direction.

It’s as simple as that.

One of the best features of this board is that it is designed to be rugged and ready for action. People have taken this on the beach, through the park, over hills, across rocks, and over smooth pavement. The Onewheel works in all conditions.

If you’re looking for something as active as you, our recommendation is to take this single wheeler for a spin. The controls are intuitive, it’s noticeably light on unnecessary extras, and it charges up quickly for an extended ride period of 8-11 kilometers (5-7 miles).

It is a bit pricey, but for those who want something (and we quote the website) “really fricking rad”, the Onewheel is perfect for them.

What we dont love

  • times-circle
    Not the classical hoverboard scooter
  • times-circle
    Unless you ride skateboards, it could be a bit tricky to pick up
  • times-circle
    Not as much turning radius as a classic hoverboard

What we love

  • check-circle-o
    Unique design that catches everyone’s eye
  • check-circle-o
    Intuitive to ride
  • check-circle-o
    Forward and backward mobility
  • check-circle-o
    All terrain capable

Self-Balancing Scooters

If you’re in the market specifically for a self-balance type of board, here are the best options in each category.

SWAGTRON T6 – Best Off-road Board


If this thing weren’t so small and only had two wheels, you might confuse it for a tank.

This beast of a board is a world’s first for being able to support up to 190kg (420 lbs).

That’s right.

You could fit almost an entire girl band on the board without it ever slowing down or losing traction.

Speaking of traction, the 10” rugged tire design helps it manage up to 30 degrees of inclination (both up and down), and over just about every type of terrain that you can manage.

It can take you over mud, dirt, rain, gravel, sand, and grass and top speeds of 18kph (12mph). There is a speed governor included that can limit speeds to 10kph (7.5mph) for your safety.

The incredible 18km (12 mile) range also helps when you’re having fun. You won’t ever want to park it once you’ve started riding this machine.

 For your money, if you need something that can handle the off-road, this one your best choice by far.

What we dont love

  • times-circle
    Requires longer charging time
  • times-circle
    Once riding over difficult terrain, battery wears down quickly
  • times-circle
    A little bit heavier then the average model

What we love

  • check-circle-o
    Perfect for rides in difficult terrain
  • check-circle-o
    Very rugged board, capable of handling rough treatment
  • check-circle-o
    Large wheels make for a smooth ride over just about anything
  • check-circle-o
    UL Certified Safe Battery
  • check-circle-o
    HUGE weight capacity

Skque X1 Series – Best Bluetooth Option

You’ll find a number of boards offering Bluetooth as their main feature.

We’re not opposed to that as it can mean great fun, and a cool connected toy that you can control.

Bluetooth smart boards operate just like their normal cousins.

The only difference is that the board puts out a Bluetooth signal that you can pair with on your smartphone or other Bluetooth capable devices. 

Some people believe that you control the motors with an app, but it still operates with the sensor pads and the motors, just like any other version listed here.

The Skque X1 is a perfect version of a standard 8.5” frame that includes this fun feature.

The Bluetooth onboard connects to a connected device, and you control the speaker and LED lights with the connected hoverboard.

Rock out to some cool tunes, play a light show, or even make announcements or sounds using your Bluetooth pairing option.

The one warning we have is that the Bluetooth option can drag down the battery life of the board.

Use sparingly, and when you know you can charge up quickly.

 Otherwise, this board comes complete with an industry leading 12 month warranty to protect you from unwanted damage.

What we dont love

  • times-circle
    Bluetooth speaker seems to wear down battery life
  • times-circle
    Not great on inclines

What we love

  • check-circle-o
    Bluetooth speakers make for a cool ride
  • check-circle-o
    Long warranty from manufacturer
  • check-circle-o
    Flashy Design with LED Lights
  • check-circle-o
    UL Certified Safe Battery

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Best Choice for Kids

Our money is on the Razor as your best buy for an option for kids.

We looked at several models, and found that the Razor brand best understood what you would want in a top notchhoverboard that is suitable for your children

There’s a good chance you already own a Razor manual scooter, as they are one of the leaders in toys for kids.

The Razor version is in the same league as their own products: best for children.

A kid’s board that self-levels is a feature that we struggled to find in other kid friendly models. 

That makes it so much easier to learn and operate when your children are first learning to ride.

We also loved that lightweight design of a board that even your 8-year-old can manage when riding. The board is recommended for ages 8+, so we picked it as a good all-round machine that should suit children just trying out the sport.

The UL certification sets your mind at ease. The safe 11kph (8mph) speed limit also had us sold as a great option that parents will enjoy.

 Trust us, not only will your kids love this board, but you’ll feel secure with them on it.

What we dont love

  • times-circle
    Higher priced
  • times-circle
    Is not the fastest model
  • times-circle
    Not the classical model

What we love

  • check-circle-o
    Perfect for Rider with High Standards
  • check-circle-o
    Probably most high-grade Model 
  • check-circle-o
    Increased Control and Stability with knee support
  • check-circle-o
    UL Certified Safe Battery

MegaWheels Hover 2 – Best Affordable Board

If you’re a little price conscious (and believe me, we know about how expensive some of these models can get) you probably want to find something that fits your budget as well as your need for fun.

While there are cheaper options on the market, in the low-price category, we highly recommend the MegaWheels brand.

The board has all the features you need and none that you don’t. The 8.5” inch wheels can handle almost every type of hill, bump, and road you put it on.  A three hour charge gives it a whopping 15-20 kilometer (9-12 mile) range that we are astounded with.

And the best part is that this electric board can handle up to 120kg (250lbs) as a load capacity.

Everybody in the family can have a turn on this great board.

Also, we selected the MegaWheels board as a reputable cheap brand because it comes with great online reviews.

The features suit the riders while the positive reception suit the buyer of this toy. Cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality. And this board is anything but poor. It should give you months of fun for the whole family.

What we dont love

  • times-circle
    Higher priced
  • times-circle
    Is not the fastest model
  • times-circle
    Not the classical model

What we love

  • check-circle-o
    Perfect for Rider with High Standards
  • check-circle-o
    Probably most high-grade Model 
  • check-circle-o
    Increased Control and Stability with knee support
  • check-circle-o
    UL Certified Safe Battery

EpikGo Sports Plus – Best High End Board

Alright, let’s hold nothing back. If you have no budget, no specific requirements other than you want the absolute best on the market today, don’t look further than the EpikGo Sports Plus.

These things are built to give you everything you want (and some things you didn’t even know you needed ) in a non-flying hoverboard. Let’s have a quick rundown at what’s included in this high-end brand.

Each motor is powered with a 400W watt that powers up hills without losing any momentum. A 10W speaker connects to your Bluetooth music so that you can absolutely level the neighborhood with your booming tunes.

The 20 kilometer (12 mile) driving range means that you won’t ever feel attached to your power cord. Not that it will take long to charge. 3 hours on the power charging cord is enough to give you a full charge that will last you several days of regular play time.

That is all covered with an impressive 12 month warranty on the whole system. Sure, the price is higher than most other brands, but EPIKGO loaded this board with everything.

How Do Hoverboards Work?

Well, if you’d never seen one before, you’d imagine that we somehow figured out the technology to get a real-life hoverboard just like Back To The Future!

Sorry, we’re not there yet, but there still is a hint of magic under the hood of these boards.

The real reason these boards work is because of two components:

First, you have the central pivot. Each part of the frame is separate and joined at the center by a pivot.

You’ll notice that in the middle of the board, there is a narrowed axle that pivots each side independently. That’s key to help you turn, stay balanced, and move backward and forward.

The other key components under the frame of the board are the independent motors on each wheel. Because each wheel has a separate motor, the wheels turn separate from each other.

It works like this:

The rider stands on the board, activating the sensor pads underneath the rider’s feet.

The sensors detect the position of the foot, and the weight distribution on that particular side. It then relays a signal to the motor on that side of the wheel.

Now, as long as the rider’s foot is flat, the sensors don’t tell the motor to fire. But if one side of the rider’s foot is uneven from the other, it tells the motor to run the wheel, either forward or backward.

The more weight is detected on one end, the faster the motor runs.

Because the motors are independent and the center axle can rotate, the wheels can operate at opposite speeds, even turning the rider in a full 360 degree circle.


Most of these smart balance boards are ready to go, right out of the box. However, if you should ever notice that your ride doesn’t, well, ride on the level, you may need to calibrate it.

You just need to communicate to the sensors where it should level, and what it should recognize as a flat-footed rider.

It’s a simple process, and it shouldn’t take you long to recalibrate your board.

Take your board and set it on a flat surface. Make sure that your toggle is in the “Off” position.

Turn the board on by holding the “On” button for 5 seconds, or until you hear a beep.

Let the board work its magic for about 30 seconds. You’ll notice that the LED lights will flash during this period.

After 30 seconds, turn the machine off. Your board is now ready to go, just as it was fresh out of the box.

Safety Issues

You’re probably aware of the many problems that these toys have had in the past. These toy scooters once dominated the news, with some major retailers even refusing to stock them. The fears were real because the safety precautions were not.

In fact, there were NO precautions at all.

The motors were unprotected. The battery was too prone to overheat and they caused many injuries and falls.

But in recent days, these faults and issues have been rectified. Let’s take a quick look at what they are subject to now before ever making it into your hands.


When the self-balancing boards first started to flood the market, the demand was higher than the supply. Everyone wanted a piece of the fun.

And that led to some shortcuts in the products that made their way to consumers in countries like the US, England and across the EU.

The batteries in use were lithium-ion battery packs that were known to cause fires due to overheating. There wasn’t enough head-shielding between the motor and the battery, causing the excess heat of overuse to blow out the battery.

The fires were catastrophic and highly publicized. In one case, a toddler even died in a house fire said to stem from a dysfunctional sensor in the board.

But that all changed in early 2016. Underwriter’s Laboratories (Changed to UL) issued their first certification to a new innovation made by Segway.

The tide of hoverboards caught up to the safety standards of today and now most of the hoverboards found online, and all on certain retailers like Amazon, now come with a UL certification issued for passing rigorous safety standards.

Now that the safety concerns have been assuaged, there is no risk of fires or explosions due to faulty components in the board.


But some of the concerns lay with the rider himself. How can you make your riding experience as safe as possible?

Of course, before you try riding on harder ground, you can always take precautions before you go big.

Take your first few times on the board in a protected area, either on a driveway or a park or somewhere safe from other vehicles. That way you can avoid the dangers of riding on a road with faster vehicles and hazards around.  

 One of the best ways to protect your rider is to use protection while riding. Kids should operate boards with speed limiters that reduce the chance of the board getting out of control. They should use safety gear like this set offered by Kamugo as a complete protection against falls and bumps.

Check your local authorities because some states require helmets for riders of any motorized vehicles.

And that leads us nicely into…


Now that these boards are becoming more familiar around town, councils and governments have started to put laws in place to make the whole sport fun and safe.

For example, places like New York City and the UK have banned all versions of the toy in any public space. That includes roads, pathways, and public parks. Only private properties can allow hoverboarding. Even skate parks won’t allow the boards simply because they are motorized.

In California, no one under the age of 16 is even allowed to ride a motorized scooter due to the restrictive laws on all vehicles.

Australia is still discussing the road rules and only recently lifted a country-wide ban on the electric toys because of safety concerns. Now that safe and certified boards are on the market, there are still minimal rules there.

The world is still catching up, but you can stay aware of your local and state laws, as they are prone to change quickly.

What to Look Out For When Buying Hoverboards

It’s complicated in the smart board world. Each company wants to offer you something unique and different. It seems like you are overwhelmed with choices. Your kids are yelling at you. The website is asking for your credit card information…


It’s not time to stress about what you should be looking for when buying a real hoverboard. If you’ve decided to pull the trigger on the most fun toy of 2017, there are just a few key points you should watch for.

Anything else is just fluff and glitter. Your kids might tell you different. They might say it needs the latest Bluetooth speakers or fancy LED lighting or app pairing on their phones.  But let’s focus on the basics first so you know your ride is safe, fun, and will provide hours of entertainment.

Let’s get into it.

UL Certification

This is the most crucial part of your buying process. You should always look for this sticker on your board.

It simply certifies that the board has passed the rigorous safety checks that are demanded on most electric vehicles. Any brand that you find on Amazon is sure to be certified for use.

This very important sticker means that all the manufacturing and design of the board complies with regulations for motorized vehicles. The battery is tested. The motors are tested. The wiring and the sensors are tested and each component has to pass before being allowed to wear the UL certification.

All that to say that if you pick a product that has the UL sticker, you can be assured that you and your family are safe to ride.

Load Capacity

Because there are so many varieties on the market, have a look to see what your board has as a capacity rating. It will tell you the kilos or pounds limit on that model. Look for brands that can support at least 100kg or 220lb.

Kid’s models often have reduced weight capacities due to their lightweight construction. They might be better suited for younger people if you’re specifically buying something meant for smaller riders.

However, if you plan on trying it yourself, giving it as a gift, or having it ready for anybody to use, look for the appropriate load capacity.

Battery Capacity

While we’re talking about capacity, take a look at what your battery can handle.

Most brands talk about the range and duration of their battery life. This includes how long a typical ride can last or how far the board can go on a single charge.

What you should also look for are batteries that don’t require overnight to charge. Often, you want to find a model that promises a quick recharge time with minimal off time for the board.

There are models on the market that can provide a full charge in as little as an hour, running of normal house current to charge the battery.


Have a look at the board itself and its construction. Are you planning on simply riding it around the block on the sidewalk?

Or do you have plans to ride it along the beach, through the park, or over grassy, bumpy terrain?

The wheels and motors should give you enough agility to manage the type of ground you want to tackle. There are tires with an all-rubber construction, high-powered motors, and large diameter wheels to power over extreme environments.

If you want to run it on pavement and pathways, you don’t require much agility, but there are brands that can offer you an off-road option.


Find a brand that offers a warranty against any faults. Warranties should protect you against normal wear and tear.

It should allow you the freedom of running your electric board normally without worrying that the wires would come loose, the motor would run out, or that the sensors lose their function.

Don’t get caught out without a warranty offered by the manufacturer. Extended warranties are up to your discretion, but do not buy a board without some included form of protection.


There’s a good chance that you won’t be playing indoors exclusively. The reality is that you will probably be running through puddles, over dirt, picking up rocks, bumping into curbs, and generally giving your board a good run for its money.

Or if not you, your children will certainly give the board a few bumps. That’s a guarantee.

That’s why you should look for solid frames built from sturdy materials. Flimsy plastic will just crack as well as expose the motor to damage. Metal alloy frames will be heavier to carry but give you’re a sturdier ride that won’t break upon its first (and not last) collision.

Beyond those simple requirements, you will find a whole whack of bonus features. It’s amazing to see what some brands will include on their models.

There are LED lights, headlights and taillights, speakers included with Bluetooth connectivity, remote starting, app pairing, and even an alarm against unwanted attention.

Top Hoverboard Brands

You may have heard of them; you may not have even known they existed. Here are a few of the brand names that you’re sure to come across in your search.


Halo boards have been around since the first craze began. They currently hold several products that have reached Number One status on many online lists. The Halo brand is practically synonymous with hover boards, although they have other electric toys in their catalogue. The drone is one notable exception to their rule. But look to Halo to set a standard that other companies try to copy.


As mentioned above, EpikGo prides itself on providing some of the world’s most luxurious electric personal vehicle brands. They go beyond what you need, and provide a toy that exceeds your expectations as to what this toy should be able to do.

As well as offering premier models, they include Classic, Sport and Sport Plus in their available range of products.


Swagtron has carved out a niche in the electric toy market that goes far beyond the hoverboard range they boast of. The products they offer include electric skateboards, electric bikes, and racing drones. Swagtron does make a name in the category by manufacturing all their products in the US. 


For the absolute last word in personal transport, Segway is practically the generic name for all motorized personal transport systems. Branching out from their namesake, Segway has included an innovative design in their product line. The miniPRO just demonstrates what we already know about Segway; when they put a product on the market, they’re going to do it their own way.


When the manual scooter fad came on to the scene about 10 years ago, Razor quickly established itself at the forefront of the wave. And now, a decade later, they have managed to keep their lead on the competition with their reputable and safe hoverboards. The Razor brand works so well with scooters because they’ve practically created the trend in the first place.


You may not know their name but Skque has been around since 2003. They’ve pivoted their business to solely focus on hoverboards and offering a decent product at a great price. Their models can perfectly suit any family member. Get used to finding more Skque products in the future as they continue to put out excellent electric toys.

Boards that Actually Hover

While the name invokes the image of a floating board on nothing but air, most boards don’t live up to that fantastical image.

Until now.

Some inventors have started to unleash their creations online of actual hover skateboards, operating seemingly by magic. Some operate by blasting air downwards. You might have seen videos of testing these crafts over lakes and rivers to protect the rider form a crash.

Other hovercraft use magnetic levitation to propel the rider above ground. It’s only a few inches of levitation, but that’s enough to feel like magic. 

The extreme versions of these inventions use advanced science like sub-zero temperatures to create a cushion of air to ride on. It might not be practical, but it works.

It was just a couple years ago that Hendo put out a video of Tony Hawk riding their version of a hovering skateboard. It was enough to spark fervor among many other inventors wanting to create their own actual, real-life versions.

Then Omni Hoverboards came out with their own personal hovercraft that currently holds the Guinness World Record for longest distance travelled.

Other companies like Zapata FlyBoard are showing off their future designs of a completely separate air hovercraft. It’s not available for purchase and cost a remarkable $250,000 to build and test.

Flike has gone beyond a personal play board to create a flying trike that can become a personal vehicle. It’s a few years off from even testing, but they’re working hard to make a reality.

Sure, companies like Lexus are putting out futuristic boards that aren’t practical, but they are putting out a proof of concept. The future is possible with these exciting new ventures.

Future of Hoverboards

And speaking of the future, where do these trendy boards play a part in our modes of transport.

If anything, we can see how much is possible and how drastically personal transportation can change.

With a world headed toward greener solutions, electric vehicles as small as the ones shown here make it feel like we’re living in a futuristic vision. As charging times decrease, riding times increase, and safety measures are boosted, electric vehicles will soon make it impractical to use any other mode of transport.

It’s our hold on the old fuels that cause dramatic climate change and possibly wreck our planet’s ecosystem. It’s up to us to adapt and create new ways to meet our needs to travel. Sure, this is just a toy now, but these boards don’t have to be just that. They can represent a change in the mindset of an entire generation.

It is toys like these that can make a difference in how we think about our next 10-20 years.  Throw out every concept you had about personal transportation and what you imagine it will look like. That world is now beginning, and it’s the simple gadgets and the futuristic concepts that will propel us into a greener, sustainable way to talk about electric transportation.


Time and time again, we hear the same questions about purchasing an electric personal vehicle. As a complete guide, here are the most common questions we get asked.

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?

Which Hoverboard is Safe?

Who Created the Self-Balance Scooter?

Which Brand of Scooter is the Best?


And that’s what it’s all about.

This guide is meant to clear up some of the perceptions of these electric boards, help you understand what’s out there, and make the best informed decision about which model you should buy.

Now that most models are much safer and well-built, due heavily in part to the new UL certification, electric smart boards are faster, better, and safer than ever.

No matter which model you end up buying, we know you’ll fall in love with the hover phenomenon and just how fun it is.

Safe riding and have fun!