Remodeling Your Garage to Prepare for Your First Electric Vehicle

If you’ve decided to invest in your first electric vehicle, it can be exciting to prepare for your new ride and enjoy the benefits that come with the model. As you prepare to store the car at your home, you can consider getting your garage ready for the new car. If you want to remodel the garage to ensure that it accommodates the electric vehicle and is functional, there are a few basic tips to follow.

Remove Clutter

Before you paint the walls or install new flooring in your garage, you’ll need to remove any clutter that is present to ensure that you have the space to store your electric vehicle and can get in and out of the car each day. Getting started with organizing your garage can be quite a daunting process, especially if you don’t have an idea or system to follow. Start by tossing anything that hasn’t been used in the last year and making piles of items that you want to donate or sell. You can make use of overhead space with racks that can be used for additional boxes or equipment that can be kept off of the floor. If you have larger items that you don’t want to get rid of, then you’ll want to place these in storage to make room for your vehicle.

Rewire the Electricity

You’ll need to rewire the electricity in your garage to ensure that it can safely charge your electric vehicle. The circuit should be capable of 50 Amps and use 80 percent of the circuit capacity. Hire a professional to install a NEMA 6-50 socket in the wall where you can juice up your electric vehicle.

Install Shelving

Make use of vertical space that is available in the garage to free up extra room on the floor. Installing shelves will allow you to keep your tools and holiday decor organized and within reach in an area where everything is easy to access. Consider labeling each item to ensure that you know where everything needs to be returned after it’s used.

Add a New Flooring Material

An easy way to spruce up your garage to showcase your new electric car is by installing a new flooring material. Instead of having your vehicle sit on concrete, opt for vinyl plank flooring, plastic tiles, or rubber tiles. You’ll create a finished garage that looks beautiful and enhances the appeal of your vehicle.

Remodeling your garage is necessary if your home isn’t built to accommodate a new electric vehicle. With the right improvements made, you can create a garage that you feel proud to show off each day.


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