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Remodeling Your Garage to Prepare for Your First Electric Vehicle

Are you thinking about buying a new electric car? If yes, what do you have in mind? Do you think maintaining it would be easy?

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but your electric car is pretty different than the traditional gasoline cars. It requires special maintenance and, of course, a little preparation beforehand.

Don’t be scared! It isn’t anything to worry about. All you need to do is prepare your garage for your new Tesla. Of course, a special car requires a few extraordinary measures.

If you’ve made up your mind and finally decided to invest in your first electric vehicle, it is going to be quite exciting to prepare for your new ride and enjoy the benefits that it brings along.

As you prepare to keep the car at your place, first and foremost, you need to consider getting your garage ready for it.

remodeling car garage

Credit: Pixabay

Alright. So the question is, how can you remodel your garage while staying within the budget? If you have any similar thoughts, here’s how you can repair the garage to ensure it accommodates your new electric car and is functional.

Declutter the Space

First and foremost, you must start by decluttering the space. Before you paint those boring walls or add a new floor in your garage, it would be great if you remove any clutter that is present to ensure that you have the space to keep your new electric car.

Also, it needs to be spacious enough to get in and out of your car easily. I’m confident that it won’t be possible if you have things lying around.

Another reason why decluttering is important as it will bring your mental peace. What’s the point of buying an electric car and coming back home to the same old messed up view? You’re only going to get frustrated. Therefore, clearing up space is of utmost importance.

Getting started with organizing your garage can be quite a daunting process, especially if you don’t have an idea or system to follow. Let me make it all a bit easier for you.

Start by tossing anything that hasn’t been used in the last year and make piles of items that you don’t need anymore. On a side note, you can donate or sell those things later.

After that, please measure the overhead space you have and install storage racks and floating shelves. They can be pretty useful for additional things that are periodically used and can be kept off of the floor.

In case of any large-sized items that are regularly used and cannot be thrown out or kept away, you may need to get extra storage cases.

Rewire the Electricity

As I shared with you in one of my other posts that it’s exceptionally important to install a charging station in your garage if you’re looking to keep an electric car at a reasonable cost.

When talking about installing a charging station, the first thing that you need to do is rewire the electricity in your garage.

The circuit that you install must be capable of 50Amps and use 80% of the circuit capacity. All you need to do is hire a professional to install a NEMA 14-50 socket in the wall where you can juice up your electric vehicle.

Please make sure to hire an expert for the wiring work. It is one thing that can significantly affect how your electric car performs. How? Would it work if not charged properly? Make sense, eh?

Install a Few Shelves

I’ve seen many interior designers using the space vertically when they’re short of it, and that is what you need to do. Garages are mostly not very maintained, and they’re not too spacious.

Make sure to use the vertical space available in your garage to free extra room on the floor. Installing the shelves will allow you to keep your tools and holiday decor organized while staying within the range so that they’re easy to access.

To make everything more organized, you can label each item or create different sections on the shelves and label them. It will help you know where everything needs to be returned after use.

If you want to take it a little on the classier side, check out the BIXIRAO 4-Tier Wall Mounted Iron Floating Shelf. It’s rustic and a perfect fit for an amazing industrial style garage.

Add a New Flooring Material

Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s move towards making some prominent changes to your garage. The easiest way to spruce up your space to showcase your new extravagant electric car is installing a new flooring material.

Instead of having your electric vehicle stand on that old concrete floor, you should opt for vinyl plank flooring, plastic tiles, or rubber tiles. Trust me, they look so much better than concrete, and anyone would feel the difference instantly.

It’s one way you can create a finished garage that looks beautiful and luxe. Oh, and it would enhance the appeal of your electric vehicle too. Isn’t it what you want?

As a piece of additional advice, I’d say you can also paint the walls of your garage. In case you think that’s too expensive and you’re on a budget, you can use wallpapers instead.

Wallpapers are relatively cheap as compared to those textured wall paints that are quite popular these days.

I know it may appear to you as a hassle, but remodeling your garage is essential if it’s old and not built to accommodate an electric vehicle. With the right improvements, you can conveniently create a garage that you feel proud to show off every day.

Rest assured, following these tips; you can create an appropriate space for your newest baby while staying under a budget. I wish you good luck, my pals!

A 4-Step Guide to Keep Your Electric Car’s Interior Perfect

Buying an electric car is a dream-come-true for pretty much everyone out there. Don't you want an electric vehicle? Or did you just buy one?

Congratulations! Finally, you've got your hands on something you loved so dearly. Are you enjoying cruising it around? It's a testament to all the hard work it took to get you to this point, and you wish about lessening your impact on the environment.

Credit: Pixabay

On the other hand, one thing that most people forget about having electric cars is that they require a lot of maintenance. It's not only about the mechanical maintenance; you may have to go the extra mile in order to keep its interior topnotch.

After all, who doesn't want their electric car to look perfect for a long time? I've recently met a lot of people with electric cars, and I've finally found a few practical ways to maintain the exterior of your new prized possession. Ready, set, go!

Refrain From Smoking

I'm sure you know how dangerous smoking is for you. A cigarette is a combination of nicotine and tar; the two ingredients that can eventually eat away your life. It's pretty scary. Isn't it?

Yet, one thing that people often don't realize is that smoking is not only dangerous for you and your kids, but it's also terrible for your car, especially if it's an electric car.

According to a study published in Psychology Today, smoking can significantly harm the exterior of your car and not just that; it can also contribute to air pollution. Nothing can destroy a car's clean interior like a person who allows themselves or others to smoke inside.

It can leave behind a bad odor and cause inconvenience. Oh, and it can also leave stains on your car seat covers. Plus, if you ever feel like reselling your car, smoking can considerably lower the resale value.

Henceforth, I'd say it's one habit you need to get rid of or at least make a new habit of not smoking in the car. You're going to thank me later; I give you my word.

Avoid Eating in the Car

Another fast and hard rule to stick by, if you want the interior of your new electric car to remain factory perfect, is not to eat or drink in the car. Given their very nature, car interiors can get heavily contaminated, and don't forget about the stains.

A number of stains are exceptionally hard to remove so that they may become permanent. Thus, it's better to be safe than sorry later.

It goes without saying that leather, fabric, and carpet upholsteries are surprisingly delicate. They're effective in absorbing whatever comes their way, something that can affect the car adversely.

The best policy is to skip the drive-through and just go inside the restaurant, eat your meal or wait to eat until you get home. That way, you can minimize the chance of your seat covers getting stains, and your car would remain clean.

Give it a thought! I'm certain it's not as difficult as it may seem. I, for one, don't like eating in the car anyway. Why don't you skip this habit too?

Leave the Pets at Home

Do you have a pet? If you happen to have any, you'll know how much of a hassle it is to keep a pet at home. These little ones can be a headache at times. I know because I have a Maltese and he stays cranky for a good part of the day.

You may think it is a good idea to allow your pet to take a ride in the backseat of your new car, but I'd like to warn you here, DON'T. Make sure not to take that risk unless you have a proper seat cover.

It takes nothing for your pet to get bored, and you never know when they start chewing on the seats or get carsick and become hyperactive. Either way, it's not going to end well.

Pay Attention to the Details

If you want the interior of your car to look brand new and perfect all the time, there are a few measures that you MUST take, such as regular cleaning and deep cleaning periodically.

In case you're living in a dusty town, I'd suggest you vacuum the seats and mats of your car every week to make sure that the dust and grime don't get embedded within. Too much work? It's a great habit to get into, trust me.

Be careful with how you clean, though; it needs to be a deep cleaning. As per AutoPreme, an in-famous car floor mat manufacturer, there are two kinds of leather car seats. One of them comes with perforated holes, while others are plain.

Please check out the covers carefully before you begin the cleaning. After that, check the car's manual, or maybe consult a professional for their expert opinion on the matter.

One rule though, is that if you have perforated leather, you shouldn't clean it with water, cleanser, or a conditioner. It must be polished. You'll find a number of leather polish creams in stores and online these days. I've recently got a Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Balm, and it works just fine.

The Takeaway

If you choose to follow the simple rules I've mentioned above, I promise your car would feel and look as new as you drove your Tesla off the showroom. A little responsible interior care can lead to fruitful results.

Your car doesn't need to look good only on the outside, but the inside too. It is a primary concern for most people when purchasing a preloved car, so if you wish to sell it anytime soon, take great care of the interior.

Also, now that you have a green vehicle, be sure to look into greener ways to get around your kids and others in your life. Hoverboards, in particular, are a great way to introduce people to getting around cleaner and cooler. Is it too much to ask? Take out a moment and think about it!

Electric Cars VS. Gasoline Cars: Which Ones are More Dangerous?

Gasoline cars have been around for decades now. They’re familiar and used by everyone out there, but have you ever heard of electric cars?

Electric cars are all the rage these days. They’re loved by all the automotive enthusiasts and that too, for the right reasons.

As the popularity of electric cars has grown, it’s enviable that the question of the safety of electric cars vs. gasoline cars would arise. Why? Well, it’s natural to be concerned about your safety.

Needless to say, accidents are unavoidable. They can happen at any given point. It all comes down to your luck at the end of the day.

Credit: Pixabay

Still, one question remains standing. If you know beforehand that there is a higher risk of meeting an accident while driving an electric car, would you be better off using a gasoline car?

Here’s a closer look at your electric cars’ safety, what they bring along, and how you can handle them.

Common Reasons Behind Car Accidents

Car accidents can take place due to a number of reasons. From driving under the influence and reckless driving to not paying enough attention, everything brings along its own consequences.

When the person driving the car is unable to concentrate on the road and other vehicles around fully, it often results in an accident. In some cases, the abnormal reflexes of the driver in their path are enough to cause a collision.

As I mentioned earlier, accidents are impossible to avoid at times, and oh, they can be serious. They can lead you to severe injuries, property damage, or in the worst cases, even death.

It goes without saying that there are various dangerous circumstances that surround your car. Imagine getting caught in an accident, what if you’re unable to get out of the car? What if the gasoline ignites the fire?

It is one thing that can create a life-threatening situation in the blink of an eye. Also, the airbags incorporated in the car can cause substantial injuries in their attempt to prevent death.

The other safety features in your gasoline car can also fail and cause severe injuries or wrongful death.

A Petty Disadvantage: Gasoline Fires

As a matter of fact, gasoline is highly inflammable, and it has been the culprit behind a number of car explosions. Although a lithium-ion battery in an electric can explode as well, the chances of an explosion in a gasoline car are a lot higher.

When talking about lithium-ion batteries, the risk of an explosion can be minimized if a high-quality battery is used. Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery and AIMS Lithium Battery are two great options in this regard.

Also, there are plenty of studies stating that electric cars are less prone to fires as compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.

People in the United States with gas vehicles collectively drive approximately three trillion miles each year, resulting in about 150,000 car explosions.

At the time when these figures were established, electric cars had been driven a distance of 638 million miles. There were a total of five fires from electric cars, or one fire for every 120 million miles driven.

These figures clearly prove the fact that the number of fires in gasoline cars is much higher than in electric vehicles with regard to the number of miles driven.

Crash Tests

Do you have any idea about NHTSA, also known as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? No?

Okay. Let’s shed some light on it. It’s an association that is responsible for testing the cars based on their performance in simulated accidents.

The best part of the story is that electric cars have performed exceptionally well in those tests in comparison to gasoline cars. Part of the reason is that a gas car is built around a large, internal combustion engine.

On the other hand, the center of gravity for electric vehicles is much lower, and they are less likely to roll. I’m happy to say that electric vehicles have scored the highest safety scores till now. The potential of injury in electric cars is significantly less than any gasoline car ever tested by NHTSA.

Lithium-Ion Batteries VS. Traditional Auto Batteries

Lastly, the batteries used in electric cars are entirely different than those of gasoline cars. Let’s say these batteries can make all the difference in the world.

Gasoline has a greater risk of catching fire because of its storage environment. It is mostly stored in a big container. Whereas, electrolyte, the inflammable liquid in a lithium-ion battery, is stored in a small-sized container.

If there is a fire issue, the protection in place will slow down the fire and contain the flames to a specific area of the vehicle. Since the battery doesn’t require refueling, no hazardous liquids are pumped into an electric car.

One of the leading causes of fire in a gasoline car is the breakdown of mechanical parts. Electric cars have fewer moving parts, which means that the number of potential concerns is low as well.

Gasoline engines operate by setting a spark to the gasoline, so the engine easily runs hot and becomes hard to manage. On the contrary, the normal operations of an electric car will not set fire to the battery’s electrolytes.

In terms of safety, there are numerous reasons to choose an electric car over a gasoline vehicle. If a prospective buyer makes their choice according to the existing studies and tests, then the choice is clear—electric cars are safer in terms of crashes and fire risks.

With technology advancing, you’ll have more and more options for electric transportation. Check out to learn more about the green revolutions and improvements in the transit world.

A Closer Look at the Tech Behind Electric Cars

When talking about the advancements of the automotive industry, how can you possibly forget about electric cars? Saying that they’re one of the biggest wonders of the automotive world would be an understatement.

Electric cars have emerged as the top alternative to gasoline-fuelled vehicles. They work by storing an energy batter that provides them with the energy they require to function appropriately.

They truly provide you with a safe and clean mode of transportation. No wonder they’re an environmentally friendly alternative to vehicles that are powered by a combustion engine.

Apart from being nature-friendly, electric cars have a faster acceleration as compared to traditional vehicles. Oh, and did I say how they don’t produce much exhaust? It’s another plus point, of course.

An Introductory Guide

Credit: Pixabay

All electric cars are highly dependent on batteries. How? They’re propelled by a motor that is run by electricity. They come with a battery that you need to charge regularly to make your car function smoothly.

With such a vehicle, the battery provides power for a controller, which then turns the given power into energy that ignites the motor. In order to charge the vehicle, drivers would need to use a standard electrical outlet or visit a nearby charging station.

Different Kinds of Electric Motors

Electric cars bring along a number of unique motors. Each one of them comes with its own distinctive features and characteristics. It’s precisely how they offer the drivers several exclusive benefits.

When it comes to the motors of electric cars, there are two basic kinds that you’ll get to see, AC and DC motors. The first kind, AC motors, is commonly used by all EV and hybrid vehicles.

They’re advantageous for adventure junkies, mainly people looking to drive up and down the hills. In AC motors, the starting power is relatively slower, but it helps the vehicle run at high RPMs without really getting overheated.

Another thing that you need to know about them is that there’s no need for a transmission. Also, AC motor cars can conveniently move heavier vehicles.

The other type of motor typically found in electric cars is the DC motor. While many people are often comparing the two, AC and DC motors, most automotive enthusiasts prefer having a DC motor.

The reason being, DC motors are significantly less expensive than AC motors. DC powered cars are also better when it comes to control and stability.

Automotive junkies also prefer vehicles with more initial torque and higher peak power. It is primarily the reason electric cars powered by DC motors are popular among race drivers, given their affordable nature and impressive performance.

Types of Electric Car Batteries

In order to power an electric car, it’s mandatory to have a battery. Let’s just say that batteries are one of the vital parts of electric cars that run on proliferation.

Needless to say, electric cars require a lot of battery power to function smoothly. They must be installed in an array and stored into a battery back to operate. These batteries are pretty heavy. They can weigh up to 1000 pounds and take up a lot of space.

Most of these batteries are made in China and exported around the world. Each battery must be powered on a regular basis to keep the car running properly.

There are three different kinds of batteries; each comes with its own unique features. They’re mostly lead-acid batteries, and sometimes lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries too.

The lead-acid batteries are the oldest when it comes to electric car batteries. These batteries are among the cheapest ones made these days and are compatible with a number of electronic devices.

Nevertheless, these batteries can be messy, toxic, and are prone to explode when damaged.

If you’re looking for an excellent electric car battery, I’d say lithium-ion batteries would be more suitable since they have high energy to mass ratio.

The best thing about them is that they retain their energy when they are not used. However, they often lose their capacity as they age, yet they’re considered to have the most potential for being available to the mass market.

The only thing that can deter them from being widely available is that they are costly. Another thing to keep in mind is that they can be toxic; therefore, they need special handling to be recycled.

Nickel metal hydride batteries are the third most common type of electric car batteries. They bring along good energy to mass ratio and energy density. They are non-toxic, which makes them the easiest to recycle.

One disadvantage of this battery type is that they do not maintain their charge very well when they are not in use.

Charging Stations for Electric Cars

Like gasoline-fueled vehicles with a fuel cell, electric cars also need energy in order to run. If you have an electric, you may need to go to a charging station every now and then.

It is where you put an electrical device into the car and wait for it to charge. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about overcharging your electric car like hoverboards or other high capacity battery-powered devices where there is a risk of explosion due to cheaply constructed batteries.

Nonetheless, experts recommend not to charge the battery again and again as it will eventually take away its ability to hold less power over time. Henceforth, it would help if you only charge it when it’s out of power.

Electric car charging stations are more or less similar to gas stations. The slight difference between the two is that these charging stations are solely made with a purpose to power electric vehicles.

The Takeaway

Make no mistake; electric cars have emerged as the potential replacement for gasoline-fueled vehicles. They are likely to be used more often due to their performance and environmentally friendly features.

In a nutshell, electric cars are operated by two types of motors and come with three different battery types. It isn’t much to grasp, or is it? It’s one invention that’s a must-try if you’re looking to switch to efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.

How to Modify Your Garage for Your New Electric Car?

Purchasing an electric car is a big deal for everyone, especially automotive enthusiasts. What's better than having a fancy electric car? Anything?

Needless to say, there are several perks to buying an electric car. Why? Well, I have several answers to it.

Investing in an electric vehicle can help you reduce the negative impact on the environment while saving you the cost it takes to maintain a gasoline car. It may appear expensive to you at the money, but trust me, it's pretty cost-effective.

Yet, one thing that I must point out here is that you cannot only buy an electric car and expect it to work on its own as you did with your traditional car before.

Credit: Pixabay

You'll be required to make certain modifications to your garage to make your commute easier, and it is especially true if there are public charging stations around your area.

Charging stations? Yup! You heard that right. You'll need to charge your electric vehicle now and then in order to keep it running smoothly.

So you don't have any charging stations nearby, and you're planning to buy an electric car? Don't you worry!

Here I'm going to list down practical and useful steps that you can take to prepare for your new electric vehicle.

Install a Charging Station

For starters, you need to install a charging station of your own. Unless you can manage to have your electric car's battery charged up at a public facility every time you step out, you'll need to have an in-home charging station.

Here's what you need to do: make sure that your garage is equipped with at least a 12amp circuit, and please ensure it's dedicated solely to charge your electric car.

Are you confused about the power it would take? Well, a 120V outlet can conveniently get the job done with most of the electric vehicles out there, but you may want to consider upgrading it to 240V if you wish to improve the charging speed. It's simple. Isn't it?

Although the particular needs of your electric car may vary by its model, you just need to be sure to enlist the services of an electrician with experience in installing battery charging stations. Someone who's new to the field may not be as skilled, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to take any chances with your new electric car.

Declutter the Garage and Make Some Space

As a matter of fact, your garage is usually the most neglected place in your house. It is generally taken for granted as we choose to throw away all those things we don't need in the garage. It's said, but the truth remains the truth.

It is no wonder that a charging station is a practical necessity for electric car owners, but what people often don't realize is that it takes up a lot of space. What does it mean?

Take out some time, declutter the entire space, and rearrange all the things that you already have in your garage. Make sure that however you organize your stuff and leave a clear path from the charging station to your electric car.

It's the easiest step of them all. All you need to do is take some time out and use the right equipment. Find some suitable workbenches with integrated tool storage so that you can make the most of your space and have everything you need right at your disposal.

If you ask me, I'd say you must check out Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench and Yukon Mobile Storage Cabinet. Both are amazing in terms of quality and design.

Think About Climate Control

The battery serves as the heart of your electric car. While it isn't an absolute necessity, taking measures to control the climate of your garage can help extend the life of your electric car's battery and forestall the need for a costly replacement.

Although there's very little evidence for it, whether it's your electric car's battery or your smartphone's, excessive can eventually eat up the battery life. Henceforth, controlling the climate may help.

Are you confused? There's nothing to panic about. You don't really need to remodel your garage entirely. A few minor changes can help you control the overall atmosphere of your garage significantly.

There are a few simple changes that you need to make. First and foremost, you need to insulate the walls and the door of your garage so that they can keep the heat and moisture at bay. It's easy and cheap to maintain a more temperate environment.

Also, it would be great if you install a thermostat in your garage. It will sense the temperature of your garage and maintain it accordingly. Let's say it's everything you'll need and more.

While there's a little bit of overhead involved in preparing your garage for an electric car, it can save you a lot of money later down the road. Electric vehicles are usually charged for about $1.50 for a day, and those savings can stack up over time.

Lastly, I must say there's nothing better than exploring greener ways of transit. If you're looking to contribute to an organic environment, switching to an electric car is definitely a smart choice.

Besides being beneficial for the environment, it is also going to be cost-effective for you. I wish you good luck, my pals!

5 Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Transit

What’s the point of living a dull and boring life? Needless to say, change is the essence of life, and I’d say change is impossible without growing and moving towards a technologically advanced lifestyle.

No wonder, the swiftly upgrading technology has taken the world by storm. It’s transforming pretty much all the industries across the globe by making them more efficient, effective, and cost-saving.

The positive impacts of these technological advancements are there for everyone to see. From traveling around to communicating with people on the other end of the world, a lot has changed in all these years.

Credit: Pixabay

Although other industries have experienced significant changes, the emerging technologies in the transit industry are transforming the entire world while taking it to another level.

After reading a lot about the transit world, how it’s evolving, and what’s making it change, I’ve finally found a few answers. Here I have a list of five of the best innovations that are truly going to transform the transit industry into something bigger and wonderful.

Improved Energy Storage Facilities

Have you ever observed how energy storage facilities have improved by day? Ever wonder how your electric car functions? How do your remote control systems at home function?

Of course, there is something providing them with the energy they require, but what is it? They’re batteries that are being manufactured in different qualities and with distinctive features.

The growing technology has led to the production of advanced energy storage batteries that can store electric energy for a more significant amount of time. One of the most prominent uses of these batteries is that they propel electric vehicles.

It goes without saying that powering vehicles with electricity transform the transit industry to a more efficient energy sector that doesn’t contribute to environmental and air pollution in any way. Isn’t that wonderful?

The batteries are made such that they can be recharged after their energy levels are diminished. Henceforth, it won’t be wrong to say that they’re easily manageable and cost-effective.

The Innovative Space Transport

How can you even talk about innovations in the transit sector without mentioning SpaceX technology? Is that even possible?

The SpaceX technology is geared towards transporting people into space for tourist purposes, something no one ever thought would happen. It’s one invention that will change space exploration forever. As you know, space exploration has previously proven expensive and complicated for most people except for government and space exploration agencies.

With such amazing inventions in the transit industry, people can easily visit space and come back to Earth’s atmosphere within a short period and not to mention, at a lower cost.

Enhanced Train Facilities

How do you usually move from one place to another? Yes, it’s good to take your own car, but don’t you think it gets a little expensive to drive your car around every day and pay the parking charges additionally?

A lot of people across the globe use trains to travel in their day to day life. It’s simple, traveling via train is cheap, and it takes you out of the parking hassle.

I reckon trains have been pretty messed up in the past, but the new bullet trains have significantly changed the rail transport system to a greater extent than what many people had expected.

Nevertheless, it is also said that the new proposed technology of high-speed trains that will be moving at an average speed of 220mph is going to transform the transit sector to a more considerable extent.

For example, it is expected that the new high-speed train is going to move between Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities in California, within about three years, cutting the travel time in half. What else do you expect anyway?

Three-Dimensional Printed Cars

Now that may be new to the world, I’m sure a lot of people have no idea what a 3D printed car is. Alright, let me explain it to you. It’s an innovation that is looking forward to the production of printed vehicles.

Do you have any idea how much time it takes to create a car? Probably a few weeks? Or perhaps months? Of course, making a vehicle is not a piece of cake.

The wondrous idea of 3D printed cars is focused on reducing the time it generally takes to make a car by introducing car printing technology that will take less than 44 hours to manufacture a complete vehicle. It’s absolutely remarkable. What do you think?

The best part of the story is that printed cars would be relatively inexpensive. Also, the automotive industry will provide individuals with an opportunity to personalize the body and style of their own car.

Now imagine having your own personalized car? I’m confident it’s a dream-come-true for all the automobile enthusiasts out there.

Modern GPS Devices

Although GPS devices have been around for about a decade, it is the new generation of GPS devices that will impact the transit industry. Previously, the GPS could only calculate mileage, and the time it would take to reach your destination.

However, the new GPS software allows the device to record distance and time and include other fine details such as adjusting time due to weather, road congestion, or even changing to the preferred route of the driver or passenger.

It is something that would make traveling easier for you. Let’s just say there’d be no more problems with the maps or issues with the road blockades!

With all such innovations, I must say that the transit sector would be significantly impacted and positively transformed. The bottom line is that I’m confident we are likely to experience a safer and secure transit within the next decade.

How Well Do Electric Cars Perform in Crash Tests?

I'm sure you must have heard about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also known as NHTSA. It's a United States Government Organisation that crash tests vehicles for their safety and rates them on a scale of one to five in the form of stars.

I remember reading a report by Greenstein & Milbauer that highlights four of the most common types of car accidents.

  • Head-on collision

  • Rear-end accidents

  • T-bone crashes

  • Sideswipe accidents

Gasoline cars are typically seen everywhere, as they're commonly used by people out there. We know how well traditional gasoline vehicles perform under all such conditions, but what about the electric vehicles? Are you wondering what these crash test ratings have to say about electric cars?

electric cars

Credit: Pixabay

Other than the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there's a private organization, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) That also performs similar crash tests. They rate vehicles as poor, marginal, acceptable, or good. 

Both organizations are currently performing crash tests on the majority of electric car models. As a matter of fact, they've given high marks to most of the electric vehicles.

Here I'm going to list down the details behind a few standard crash tests these organizations perform:

Head-On Collisions

One of the frequently performed crash sets by NHTSA is a head-on collision test that simulates two vehicles traveling at 35mph. There's no need to panic; all such tests are performed on test dummies and not human beings.

Test dummies that are wearing standard seatbelts measure forces on the body during impact. These types of collisions statistically represent most of the auto fatalities. Almost all the electric vehicles tested so far have received high ratings for this particular test.

The IIHS doesn't exactly perform this test. Instead, they perform frontal-crash overlap tests at 40mph by crashing into a solid barrier.

In the frontal-crash overlap test, usually, the 25% front of the car is hit. The great thing is that all electric vehicles received high ratings for this test from both organizations.

Rear-End Accidents

Most of the drivers typically are unable to see a rear-end accident coming their way. Even though such accidents are not as deadly as head-on collisions, they can be injurious.

They can lead you to concussions, multiple bone fractures, or herniated discs, or even brain injuries in severe cases. The NHTSA doesn't usually reveal the results of rear-end accidents to the public, maybe due to security concerns.

On the other hand, the IIHS performs this test with the vehicle's seat mounted to a partially moving sled that simulates the car being hit in the rear at 20mph.

As a result, IIHS has found that the head-restraint design provides the best protection for such types of car crashes.

The best part of the story is that most of the electric vehicles scored above average in this test, which clearly indicates that they're relatively safe as compared to gasoline cars.

T-Bone Crashes

One of the world's infamous insurance companies, the Liberty Mutual Insurance, explains, "The NHTSA performs this test by hitting the vehicle from the side with a 3,000-pound vehicle moving at a speed of 38.5mph. They also run a second side-impact test that measures the chance of injury if the vehicle has a side impact with a pole at 20mph."

This test is performed by IIHS, where they use a large SUV-style barrier to impact the vehicle from the side at 31mph. Again, electric cars have been winning this test.

According to the recent results, electric cars have been awarded high marks for this test from both organizations, IIHS and NHTSA.

Side-Swipe Accidents

The NHTSA doesn't perform this exact test. The IIHS conducts a moderate overlap front test where a prominent side of the vehicle is swiped against a barrier.

They also perform a small overlap test where one side of the bumper hits another car or any solid object. Just put the record straight, it's a significantly difficult test for more vehicles as they hardly score high ratings.

Why is it difficult? The reasons may vary from one car to another, but mostly it's because the front crumple zones fail to run across the full front of the car due to wheel and suspension design requirements.

As mentioned earlier, a massive number of vehicles receive pretty low ratings in this test. Still, electric cars have managed to score acceptable ratings, which speaks volumes about their quality and design philosophy.

The Takeaway

One thing that you need to remember here is that regardless of the amount of damage that your electric car may have taken, you're still going to have options to pursue compensation for the injuries and damages caused by the driver at the front.

Please make sure to collect all the required information as it will be necessary for your claim. Be ready to defend your choice in electric cars as insurance companies and authorized parties may have differing opinions on how electric vehicles play into car accidents.

They may or may not believe that your car isn't the culprit behind the accident. Henceforth, it would be best if you gather the necessary information ahead of time.

Also, you must ensure to keep the battery and charging system of your car in check. A little fault can bounce back and disturb the insurance claim you've made. Battle Born LiFePO4 and Renogy Li 12V 100Ah are the two reliable options if you're looking for a new battery for your car.

Wrapping it up, I'd like to clarify that electric vehicles have good overall crash ratings that meet or exceed their gasoline counterparts. There are many ways in which electric cars have improved so far. Thereby, it won't be wrong to say that we may have even safer and smarter vehicles in just a few years than we could never imagine.