It was around two years ago when the word 'hoverboard' started hitting the mainstream ears. Every other person had one of those incredible self-balancing scooters.

In fact, I remember seeing thousands of gaming shows with only hoverboard stunts and fails. All the big social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine, were glutted with images and videos of hoverboards.

After that, something surprising happened that burst the bubble.

People started getting over the rapidly rising hoverboards. Are you wondering what really happened?

Alright. Here's the story! Several videos about how hoverboards were actually made came out. They were all about how hoverboards were poorly constructed as well as how they brought along the chance of exploding and bursting into flames.

Well, it was a reason to worry, of course. Yet, it isn't the complete story. Why did it happen? What was wrong with manufacturing? Why were they not being checked? So many unanswered questions, eh?

I believe it was all because of mass interest and poor construction. No safety regulations were followed, and there wasn't any oversight.

Fortunately, they're now making a comeback, and I must say, they're better than ever before. What's the difference between now and then? What made them better? Let's find out the answers to that in detail…

A Few Great Things About Hoverboards

a few great things about hoverboards

Credit: Freepik

So what made everybody come back to this almost faded device? A simple answer would be that they're fun. They're exceptionally easy to learn, and the pure joy of riding one is accessible to just about everyone.

From a four-year-old child to a 65-year-old older adult, everybody can hop on the hoverboard and enjoy a ride because these boards have changed. Yes, they're safer and reliable now.

Initially, when these self-balancing scooters were made in China, they weren't certified by any regulatory board. Thankfully, it has changed now. Hoverboards are far safer, faster, easier, and better than ever.

Personal Likings

Hoverboards now come with extended battery lives so that you can enjoy extended rides. All you need to do is find one that rides on all kinds of paths and off-road tracks.

When buying one for your child, go for the lightweight one, and in case you need one for yourself, get a heavy-duty hoverboard built for speed and distance. It's easier to find one as per your needs and personal likings, given the variety available these days.

Safety Regulations

The UL safety ratings certify all the hoverboards you get to see in the markets nowadays. All these hoverboards these days have gone through a list of safety tests, which goes to show that they're safe to ride.

UL certification covers the hoverboard battery and motor system, so the risks of explosions or catching fire are minimal to zero. You'll find the sticker of UL certification on the front side and battery of your hoverboard.

Something to Enjoy

There's a reason why hoverboards have become a synonym of fun. They're incredibly contagious.

Do you happen to see kids at the park playing with a yo-yo? Or, do you ever see kids riding their bikes? It's a regular thing.

Now imagine watching someone on a hoverboard close by, all eyes would be on them. The reason being, it's something unique and enjoyable. Everyone wants a turn; everyone wants to take a ride.

It's one thing that makes you rush home and get your own hoverboard. In simple words, a hoverboard sells itself.

6 of the Best Hoverboards of All-Time

Needless to say, the market is inundated with options. It is precisely choosing the perfect one may become a little overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. Here I have six of the best hoverboards in various types for further convenience:

Segway Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboard (A Futuristic Design)

segway ninebot electric scooter

Segway is one of the world's leading manufacturers in electric vehicle inventions, and this ninebot self-balancing scooter is definitely one of their masterpieces. In fact, I'd like to say that it's one of the most advanced versions of hoverboards.

This amazing product by Segway has taken the concept of hoverboards to another level by pushing it harder than all other brands. For one, you'll notice that it comes with the bonus of a knee-support system to help with steering.

It comes with a precise turning mechanism that gives you significant control over your board. Oh, and did I tell you Segway has designed this particular hoverboard for speed lovers.

The top speed for a fully loaded 220lb board is 10mph. It feels pretty fast when you're riding.

The safety, speed, and longer battery life make it one of the best high-end hoverboards you can get your hands on. It's indeed built for experienced riders.

It comes with the all-important UL certification to protect the rider from any battery or motor dysfunction.

Pros of the product:

  • Perfect for riders with high standards
  • Probably the most high-grade model
  • Increased control and stability with knee support
  • UL certified safe battery

Cons of the product:

  • Hefty price tag
  • Not the fastest model
  • Not typically classical

Swagtron Twist 3 (Best Off-Road Hoverboard)

swagboard twist lithium free kids hoverboard

One look at it, and all anyone can say is 'wow.' If this product wasn't too small and had longer wheels, you may have confused it for a military tank. This beast of a board is the world's first for being able to support up to 420lbs.

That's right, guys! You can fit almost an entire girl band on the board without it ever slowing down or losing traction.

Speaking of traction, the 10" rugged tire design helps it manage up to 10-12 degrees of inclination (both up and down), and over just about every type of terrain that you can manage.

It can take you over mud, dirt, rain, gravel, sand, and grass with a top speed of 12mph. It brings along a speed governor to limit the speed at 7.5mph to keep you on the safer side.

The incredible 12-mile range also adds to your run while improving the ride. You won't ever want to stop once you start riding this fabulous device.

For a friendly budget, if you need something that can handle the off-road, the Swagtron Twist 3 is the best choice so far.

Pros of the product:

  • Perfect for riders under challenging terrains
  • Rugged board, capable of handling rough treatment
  • Large wheels make for a smooth ride over just about anything
  • Huge weight capacity
  • UL certified safe battery

Cons of the product:

  • Requires longer charging time
  • Battery wears down quickly when riding over difficult terrains
  • A little heavier than traditional hoverboards

Skque UL2272 (A Perfect Option with Bluetooth Speakers)

skque self balancing scooter

A number of hoverboards these days offer Bluetooth speakers as their main feature. Let's just say that it's great fun listening to your favorite songs while riding.

Bluetooth smarts boards operate just like their cousins. The only difference is that the board puts out a Bluetooth signal that you can pair with using your smartphone or other Bluetooth capable devices.

Several people believe that you can control the motors with an app, but it still operates with the sensor pads and the motors, just like any other version listed here.

The Skque X1 is a perfect version of a standard 8" frame that includes this fun feature. The Bluetooth on board connects to a connected device, making you able to control the speakers and LED lights with the connected hoverboard.

Now you can rock out to some cool tunes, play a light show, or even make announcements or sounds using your Bluetooth pairing option. One thing that I'd like to warn you here is that the Bluetooth option can drag down the battery life of the hoverboard.

Henceforth, I'd say you must use it sparingly, and when you know, you can charge up quickly. Oh, and this board comes with a 12-month warranty to protect you from unwanted damage.

Pros of the product:

  • Bluetooth speakers add to a cool ride
  • Long-term warranty from the manufacturer
  • Flashy design with LED design
  • UL certified safe battery

Cons of the product:

  • Bluetooth speakers eat away the battery life
  • Not so great at inclines
  • Stability can be improved

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 (A Great Choice for Kids)

razor hovertrax hoverboard

If you ask me, I'd say Razor Hovertrax is the best choice for your little one, both in terms of money and quality. I looked at several models and finally found that the Razor brand best understood what you would want in a topnotch hoverboard that is suitable for your children.

There's a good chance that you already own a Razor manual scooter as they've been leading the world of smart devices for a long time now. This razor version, more or less, belongs to the same league.

A kid's board that self-levels is a feature that I struggled to find in other children-friendly models. If your child is still learning to ride, there's no better model for him, trust me.

Another thing that I love about this hoverboard is its lightweight design that even your 8-year-old can easily manage while riding. Nevertheless, this hoverboard is recommended for age eight and above, so I believe it's a good all-rounder device that suits all the children, including the beginners.

The UL certification of this hoverboard sets your mind at ease. The safe 8mph also had me sold as a great option that most parents would like. I'm sure your child would love it and not just that, you'll also feel secure with him riding it.

Pros of the product:

  • Perfect for riders with higher expectations
  • One of the most high-grade models
  • UL certified safe battery

Cons of the product:

  • Not the fastest model
  • A bit pricey
  • Best suitable for children only

Gyroor Warrior 8.5” Hoverboard (The Most Reasonable Option)

gyroor hoverboard

If you're a little price conscious (and believe me, we know about how expensive some of these models can get), you probably want to find something that fits your budget as well as your need for fun. While there are cheaper options on the market in the low-price category, I highly recommend the Gyroor brand.

The board has all the features you need and more. The 8.5" inch wheels can handle almost every type of hill, bump, and road you put it on. A three-hour charge gives it a whopping 9-10 mile range that I'm astounded with.

Coming to the best part of the product, this hoverboard can handle up to 265lbs, which is amazing. Anyone in your family can take a turn on this remarkable hoverboard.

Also, I've read a number of its customer reviews, and I must say that it's truly a worthy product by a reputable budget-friendly brand.

The features of this hoverboard suit the riders while the positive reception suits all the buyers. A cheap product doesn't always come with poor quality, and this hoverboard is anything but low-quality. All I can say is that it can provide you and your entire family a phenomenal riding experience.

Pros of the product:

  • Perfect for experienced riders
  • A high-grade product
  • Exceptionally affordable
  • UL certified safe battery

Cons of the product:

  • A little tricky to manage
  • Your weight may affect its speed
  • Not a classy design

EpikGo Sports Plus (A High-End Hoverboard)

epikgo self balancing scooter

Alright, let's hold nothing back. If you have no budget, no specific requirements other than having the absolute best option on the market today, the EpikGo Sports Plus is what you need to buy.

It is built to give you everything you want (and some things you didn't even know you needed ) in a non-flying hoverboard. Let's have a quick rundown at what's included in this high-end brand.

Truth be told, it brings along several remarkable features that make it a super product.

It comes with dual 400W motors that power up hills without losing any momentum. A 10W Bluetooth speaker connects to your smart device to enjoy those booming tunes whilst riding around the neighborhood.

It has a 12-mile driving range, which means that you won't ever feel attached to your power cord. Not that it will take longer to charge, three hours on the charging cord are enough to give you a full battery that will last you several days of regular riding time.

It is covered with an impressive 12-month warranty on the entire system. Sure, the price is higher than most other brands, but EPIKGO is loaded with features that are hard to find in other traditional hoverboards.

Pros of the product:

  • A high-quality hoverboard
  • Bluetooth speakers contributing to the fun
  • Great off-road power
  • 12-month warranty 
  • UL certified safe battery

Cons of the product:

  • Not so great for beginners
  • Heavy price tag
  • A little long charging time
  • Bluetooth speakers drain the battery pretty fast

How Do Hoverboards Work?

how do hoverboards work

Well, if you've never seen one before, let me explain to you the entire technology behind a hoverboard. Sorry, I'm not there yet, but there is still a hint of magic under the hood of these boards.

Following are the two primary components responsible for the smooth working of a hoverboard:

First, you have the central pivot. Each part of the frame is separately joint at the center by the pivot.

In the center of the board, you'll get to see a narrow axle that makes each of its sides independent. It's the key that makes your turn, changes sides, helps you stay balanced and move backward and forward.

The second crucial component is under the frame of the hoverboard; it's the motors, one attached to each wheel. Since both the wheels have their own motor, they turn away smoothly and separately from each other.

Wait... How does it really work?

When the rider stands on the hoverboard, it activates the sensor pads underneath the rider's feet. The sensor detects the position of the foot and the weight distribution on that particular side.

It then relays a signal to the motor on that side of the wheel. As long as the rider's foot is flat, the sensors remain paused. When one side of the rider's foot is uneven from the other, it tells the motor to run the wheel, either forward or backward.

The more weight it detects on one side, the faster the motor runs. Since the motors are independent and the center axle can rotate, the wheels can move forward at the opposite speed. They can even turn the rider in a full 360-degree circle.


Most of these self-balancing scooters are ready to use, right out of the box. However, if you ever notice that your hoverboard doesn't ride well on a level, you may need to calibrate it.

All you need to do is communicate to the sensors to provide stability and what it needs to recognize as a flat-footed rider. It's a simple process, and it shouldn't take you long to recalibrate your board.

Take your board and set it on a flat surface. Make sure that your toggle is switched off. Then turn the hoverboard on by holding the power button for 4-5 seconds or until you hear a beep.

Let the board work its magic for about 30 seconds. You'll happen to see the LED lights of the board flashing during this time. After that, turn the machine off. Your board is now prepared to move, just as it was fresh out of the box.

Safety Issues

I'm sure you're probably aware of the issues hoverboards have had in the past. These self-balancing scooters once dominated the news, with some major retailers even refusing to stock them. The fears were real because the safety precautions weren't.

In fact, there were no safety precautions at all. The motors of those hoverboards were unprotected. The battery was too prone to overheat, and it's primarily the reason they caused many injuries and falls.

Thankfully, in recent years, all such faults and issues have been rectified. Let's take a quick look at what they are subject to now before ever making it to your hands.

Catching Fire

When the self-balancing hoverboards first started flooding the markets, the demand was higher than the supply. Everyone wanted their share in the fun.

It's one thing that led the manufacturers to take some shortcuts. A lot of new companies, even some unregistered companies, started making hoverboards in countries like the US, UK, and across the EU.

Lithium-ion batteries were used in the making of these hoverboards. As you know, lithium-ion batteries are known to explode due to overheating. Most of the time, such incidents happened because there wasn't enough head-shielding between the motor and the battery, causing the excess heat to blow out the battery.

The fires were catastrophic and highly publicized. In one case, a toddler even died in a house fire said to stem from a dysfunctional sensor on the board.

The good thing is that everything changed in early 2016. Underwriter's Laboratories, also known as UL, issued their first certification to an innovation made by Segway.

The tide of hoverboards caught up to today's safety standards, and now most of the hoverboards found online, especially on retailers like Amazon, come with a UL certification issued for passing rigorous safety standards.

Let me assure you that the safety concerns have now been assuaged; henceforth, there is no risk of fires or explosions due to faulty components on the board.

Protective Measures

Your product can be faulty, but some concerns lie with the rider and not the board. The question is, how can you make your riding experience as safe as possible?

Of course, before you try riding on harder surfaces, make sure to take precautions before you go big.

Take your first few steps on the board in a protective area, either on a driveway, a park, or somewhere safe from other vehicles. That way, you can avoid the dangers of riding on a road with faster vehicles and hazards around.

One of the best ways to stay on the safer side is by taking appropriate protective measures while riding. Kids must operate hoverboards with speed limitations as it reduces the chances of the board getting out of control.

For this, you can purchase suitable safety gear, like I have an incredible safety set by Kamugo as complete protection against falls and bumps. Also, please check your local authorities as some states require helmets for riders of any motorized vehicles.

State Laws

Now that these boards are becoming more familiar around town, councils and governments have started putting laws to make the whole sport more fun and safe. For example, a few states in the US have banned all versions of hoverboards in any public space, including roads, pathways, and public parks.

Riding a hoverboard is only allowed in private spaces, even skate parks won't allow the boards simply because they're motorized. In California, no one under the age of 16 is allowed to ride a motorized scooter due to the restrictive laws on all such vehicles.

On the other hand, Australia is still discussing the road rules and only recently lifted a country-wide ban on electric toys because of safety concerns. They currently have minimal to no prominent rules, given the fact that hoverboards are now certified by UL ratings.

The world is still catching up, but I'd say you must stay aware of your local and state laws as they're prone to change quickly.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Hoverboard

things to look out while buying a hoverboard

Buying the perfect hoverboard may be a little complicated, even for professionals. It's anything but a straight world out there.

Each company is trying to offer you something unique and different. All these choices often leave you overwhelmed. Your kids being stubborn, you worrying about the safety, and the website asking for your credit card number... My goodness!

There isn't anything to panic about when buying a hoverboard. If you've decided to pull the trigger on the most fun hoverboards of all-time, there are a few important points that you need to consider.

Most things are usually fluff and glitter, even though your kids may tell you otherwise. People often look out for Bluetooth hoverboards, boards with LED lighting systems, and mobile app functionality, but let's focus on the basics first.

UL Certification

One of the essential things that you need to look out for when buying a hoverboard is UL certification. You MUST never miss out on the UL rating logo on your hoverboard.

It simply certifies that the board has passed the rigorous safety checks that are demanded on most electric vehicles. Any brand that you find on Amazon is sure to be certified for use.

It's necessary to make all the manufacturing and design of the board comply with regulations for motorized vehicles. The battery and motors are tested, and so are the sensors and other components before being allowed to wear the UL certification logo.

All that said, if you pick a product that has the UL sticker, be assured that you and your family are safe to use the product.

Load-Bearing Capacity

Another important thing that you should never miss out on when buying a hoverboard is its load-bearing capacity. Look for brands that offer a minimum of 220lbs.

Although the hoverboards made for children generally have a low weight-bearing capacity due to their lightweight construction. It's an acceptable thing if you're purchasing a hoverboard for your child.

However, if you're planning on trying it yourself, giving it as a gift, or having it ready for anybody to use, look for the appropriate load-bearing capacity.

Battery Range

When you're done with the load-bearing capacity of the hoverboard, take a look at what your battery can handle.

Most brands talk about the range and duration of their battery life. It includes how long a typical ride can last or how far the board can go on a single charge.

Go for the hoverboards that don't require overnight charging. Finding a model that promises a quick recharge in minimal time is all you need. There are models on the market that can provide a full charge in as little as an hour while running on standard direct current.


First and foremost, carefully analyze the board and its construction. Are you planning on merely riding it around the block on the sidewalk? Or, do you have plans to ride it along the beach, through the park, or over grassy, bumpy terrains?

The wheels and motors should give you enough agility to manage the type of ground you want to ride on. There are tires with an all-rubber construction, high-powered motors, and large diameter wheels to power over extreme environments.

If you merely want to run it on pavements and pathways, you don't require much agility, but there are brands that offer an off-road option.


There's a high chance that you won't be playing indoors exclusively. The reality is that you will probably be running through puddles, over dirt, hard rocks, bumping into curbs, and generally giving your board a good run for its money.

In case you don't, I'm confident your child would give it a few bumps. It's a guarantee. It's mainly why you should look for solid frames built using sturdy materials.

Flimsy plastic will just crack as well as expose the motor to damage. Metal alloy frames will be heavier to carry, but they would give you a sturdier ride that won't break upon its first (and not last) collision.


Lastly, find a brand that offers a good warranty against faulty products. Warranties should also protect you against normal wear and tear.

They should allow you to run your electric board without worrying about the wires coming out, motor running out, or the sensors losing their function.

I'll suggest you not to purchase a product without a warranty offered by the manufacturer. Extended warranties are up to your discretion, but please don't buy a board without some included form of protection.

Beyond that simple checklist, you will find a whole whack of bonus features. It's impressive to see what some brands include in their models.

Hoverboards by high-end brands usually come with LED lights, headlights, and taillights, along with Bluetooth speakers, mobile app functionality, and alarms against unwanted issues.

6 of the Most Incredible Hoverboard Brands

hoverboard brands

You may have heard of them, you may not know they even existed; it all comes down to your research at the end of the day.

Although there are a dozen brands out there that make hoverboards, not all of them are reliable. So here I have a rundown of the best hoverboard brands that bring along high-quality, stable products.


For the absolute last word in personal transport, Segway is practically the generic name for all motorized personal transport systems. It goes without saying that I'm obsessed with this brand, and of course, for the right reasons.

Branching out from their namesake, Segway has included an innovative design in its product line. The miniPRO just demonstrates what we already know about Segway; when they put a product on the market, they're going to do it their own way.


As I mentioned above, EpikGo prides itself on providing some of the world's most luxurious electric personal vehicles. They go beyond what you need and provide a device that exceeds your expectations

Apart from offering premier models, they include Classic, Sport, and Sport Plus in their available range of hoverboards.


Halo hoverboards have been around for a really long time now. They currently hold several electric vehicles that have reached number one status on many online lists.

The Halo brand is practically synonymous with hoverboards, although they have other electric devices available in their catalog. The drone is one notable exception to their rule, but you can always look up to Halo to set a standard that other companies try to copy.


Swagtron has carved out a niche in the electric vehicles' market that goes far beyond their hoverboard range. The products they offer include electric skateboards, electric bikes, and racing drones.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that all their products are manufactured in the US? It's a company that never compromises on the quality, so you know you can count on it.


When the manual scooter fad became popular about ten years ago, Razor quickly established itself at the forefront of the wave.

As of now, a decade later, the brand has managed to keep its lead on the competition with its reputable and safe hoverboards. Razor works well with self-balancing scooters because they've practically created the trend in the first place.


Skque was founded in 2003, but for some reason, it's still considered relatively new in the hoverboard sphere. They've pivoted their business solely to focus on hoverboards and offer decent products with pocket-friendly price tags.

Their models practically suit people of all age groups. I'm sure you'll get used to finding more Skque products in the future as they continue to put out excellent electric devices.

A Few Boards that Actually Hover

boards that actually hover

While the name invokes a floating board's image, most of the hoverboards fail to live up to that fancy imagination.

In this day of age, some inventors have started unleashing their creations online, operating seemingly by magic; whereas, others work by blasting air downwards. You may have seen videos of testing these products over lakes and rivers to protect the rider from a crash.

A massive number of hovercrafts use magnetic levitation to propel the rider above ground. It's only a few inches of levitation, but it's enough to feel the magic.

The extreme versions of these inventions use advanced science like sub-zero temperatures to create a cushion of air to ride on. It may not seem practical, but it works.

A few years ago, Hendo put out a video of Tony Hawk riding their version of a hovering skateboard. It was enough to spark fervor among many other inventors wanting to create their own actual, real-life versions.

After that, Omni Hoverboards came out with their own personal hovercraft that currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled.

Other companies like Zapata FlyBoard are showing off their futuristic designs of amazing air hovercrafts. Just to put the record straight, they're not available for purchase and cost a remarkable $250,000 to build and test.

Sure, companies like Lexus are putting out astounding boards that aren't practical, but they are putting out a proof of concept. It won't be wrong if I say that the future is possible with these exciting new ventures.

A Bright Future of Hoverboards

future of hoverboards

Credit: Freepik

Speaking of hoverboards' future, where do these trendy boards play a part in our modern life transportation modes?

I'm sure you know how drastically personal modes of transports have changed. In simple words, it's way too expensive to drive your car around, and oh, what about the parking charges? It's a lot to manage.

With the world heading towards greener solutions, electric vehicles as small as hoverboards make it feel like we're living in a futuristic place.

As charging times decrease, riding times increase, and safety measures are boosted, I'm sure electric vehicles will soon make it impractical to use any other mode of transport.

Our hold on the old fuels causes a dramatic climate change and wrecks our planet's ecosystem. It's up to you to adapt and create new ways to meet your travel needs.

Make no mistake, hoverboards are merely considered a toy by many, but they don't have to be just that. They can represent a change in the mindset of an entire generation. It's such toys that can make a difference in how we think about our next 10-20 years. 

Please throw out every concept you had about personal transportation before; the world is definitely changing. It is the simple gadgets and the futuristic ideas that are going to propel us to switch to a greener and sustainable mode of transportation.


frequently asked questions about hoverboards

Credit: Freepik

Time and time again, I hear similar questions regarding hoverboards. Frankly, I'm tired of explaining how hoverboards are safe and more than fun to use.

Here I'm answering all the common questions you may have in mind if you're looking to buy a hoverboard.

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?

Here comes the most common question I get to hear! A simple answer would be that it depends on the brand and features of the board.

As per my research, hoverboards are available in the range of $100-2000. Each model brings along a different set of features and caters to different needs.

While the higher end isn't designed for everyone, some of the lower-end models are perfect for beginners and especially children that need a hoverboard to ride around the neighborhood in the evening.

You can easily get away with spending under $300 and get a decent board that will serve you well for years to come.

Which Hoverboard is Safe?

It's a question you must ask before buying a hoverboard. Hoverboards were initially prone to accidents and fires, and that is how they developed a bad reputation.

Now the safety regulations have updated, so the hoverboards are safe to ride. Most boards sold online, especially the ones on Amazon, have a UL certification.

A UL certified board has passed over 150 safety requirements for the motor, battery, and each component in the system. So these currents models are safe; there's no risk of fires or explosions.

Who Created the First Self-Balancing Scooter?

Shane Chen, a Chinese-born American inventor, was the one to create a hoverboard. In 2013, he released Hovertrax to the market, and that became the first commercially available hovercraft.

The inspiration was somewhat taken from Segway, and Chen continues to invent and market new electric devices and vehicles under the Hovertrax name.

Which Hoverboard Brand is Better?

What's the best thing that you can eat? What's the best movie? Who is the best singer? All these answers vary from one person to another.

If you're the kind of person who values one feature over another, you'll have a different answer to the next person. It's the primary purpose of my guide.

We want to demonstrate what's available, what you should look out, what options you can find, and the best models for each key feature.

Like you and I couldn't agree on the best food (pancakes, of course), we couldn't reach the same conclusion about this variety of options, but we're happy to help point you in the direction you need.

This guide is meant to clear up some of the perceptions of these electric boards, help you understand what's out there, and make the best-informed decision about which model you should buy. No matter what model you end up buying, I know you'll fall in love with the hover phenomenon and just how fun it is. That's all, folks! Enjoy the ride!