Are Hoverboards Waterproof

You gotta admit it: 

Hoverboards are the shit!

There is nothing in the world that can compare to that smooth hoovering feeling. 

But once you are gonna take that hoverboard out in the street, you want it to last as long as possible.

What will come to your mind is: 

“Are hoverboards waterproof?!”

The answer is NO.

Hoverboards are not waterproof but water resistance to an IP rating of IP54. When it is written, it is 100% waterproof does not give you an idea of sweeping on the town while it is heavily raining.

Remember your board has a battery inside and other delicate components that need to be taken care of.

We will explain you how you can protect what parts of your hoverboards from water damage. Following these easy advices will increase the longevity of your hoverboard. 


The motherboard of the hoverboard is an essential component in a hoverboard. Ruining it can cost a new hoverboard. Have you ever had a problem with your laptop or your smart-phone? And when it is a case of its motherboard? What happens is changing the motherboard is as well as purchasing a new one. Well, you don't want to repeat the same case often over and over. Try as much as possible to avoid drenching your hoverboard. When it happens, the trick is shutting it down or burying it in a large bowl of rice that can cover it up.


A battery is another critical component in most gadgets. If you drench your hoverboard battery and it damages, there is no way; it will afford to go back to its usual self. However, you can also try the same trick of dipping it in a bowl of rice leaving it for a couple of days. It might work again if you're lucky enough. To make your hoverboard last, avoid getting it wet, it will save you money.

Silicone covered Hoverboards

It wasn't supposed to rain that day. You decided to slay with your hoverboard because the weather was perfect for you and suddenly it starts to drip. To avoid all this situation, a silicone covered hoverboard can work best. It is a protective cover that protects your gadget from internal water damage.

Don't ruin it with water. We all know electronics and water are not a perfect match. Repairing it does not make it reasonable. However, if this happens, here are the tips

Power your hoverboard 

Make it as soon as possible. Turning it off allows the flow of electrons stops from flowing through the components inside which prevents shorts from happening.

Battery disconnection

After the hoverboard is off, disconnect the battery to make it start over. This helps the gadget from damaging the battery.

Rice trick

If your gadget soaks enough water to damage it, dip it in a bowl of rice and leave it for a couple of days to save it from shutting down.

Diagnose it

Take a screwdriver after you've switched off your hoverboard and remove the access panels that covers the electronics and check exactly where the water has accumulated and at what level to repair it.

Dry it out

With all the components taken off, use a soft towel to dry off the hoverboard chassis that is inside. Dry the cables indoors and leave the enclosure open for like a day or two to ensure all the water accumulated has evaporated.

When this is done, carefully fix the dismantled pieces to their locations then power on your gadget to see if the tips worked.

Treat your gadget like you would with either your laptop or smartphone device. Protect your board from water by carrying a waterproof bag with you. Hoverboards are electric; its components are delicate to water. It can easily be damaged when rode in an immersion in water. It can survive splashes but not in the heavy rain. Just stick with the dry places where possible if you want the life of your beautiful hoverboard.


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