Are Hoverboards Dangerous

Are Hoverboards Dangerous? Here's Our Say!

Hoverboards gained massive popularity last year, and even until now. As a matter of fact, they're one of the few toys in Santa's wish list this Christmas.

However, before you plan on buying, or you already have one of this self-balancing scooter, it's very important to ask yourself this question, “are hoverboards dangerous?”

 Just like with any other mode of transportation, you have to know that it also comes with certain risks and dangers.

Though, by familiarizing yourself about these, you'll be able to save yourself from injuries and accidents.

1. Falling
Perhaps, one of the biggest risks that hoverboards have is that, there's always the risk of falling from these scooters, especially if you're still on the process of learning how to balance yourself. Likewise, even if you have already got the hang of it, there's still the tendency, especially if you're riding with a rough terrain. Collisions can also occur, and it could be with other objects or people that are in the way. That's why it's very important to stay alert and cautious of your surroundings when riding this toy. Of course, performing tricks can also increase the risk of injury, and that's why you really have to watch your kids when they are playing.

2. Technical Issues, such as Exploding
In the US and the UK, there were reports about hoverboards getting caught alight while being charged, or when being ridden. Most manufacturers claim that it's not an issue with the hoverboards themselves, but has something to do with the quality of li-ion batteries used in them. Apparently, there are a lot of factories in China making their own li-ion batteries, and the quality is definitely not as reliable as the ones made by top producers.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this anymore, because before they can be sold in the market, hoverboards must carry the UL certification proving the battery inside them is safe and reliable.

3. Traffic Accidents
Just like with bicycles and skateboards, even hoverboards can get involved in traffic accidents. The risk increases if you're riding them too close to the street. That's why you should never play with a hoverboard in the street or near traffic. 

Aside from that, riding your hoverboard up or down steep hills can also be pretty dangerous. Although they don't have a height limit which you should follow, you have to consider that they can lift you a few inches above the ground. Which means if you're too tall, then there's a risk of head accidents while riding.

4. Weight Limitations
You have to be aware that hoverboards have a minimum and maximum weight that you should follow. The minimum is usually around 45 pounds, while the maximum is 300 pounds. The importance of this is that, failure to follow the weight specifications would lead to balancing problems as the device won't be able to detect the weight and balance it correctly. This is also one of the few reasons why children often get involved in accidents while riding a hoverboard.

Hoverboards are actually fun to ride, as long as you know how to use them correctly. Failure to do so would lead to injuries and accidents.


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